Getting around Cesky Krumlov by public transport. Info and bus timetables

Move to Cesky Krumlov

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Anyone wishing to move to Cesky Krumlov will have little difficulty. The beautiful old town, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, can be visited on foot. To move outside, buses and bicycles are the recommended method. The car, on the other hand, is not recommended.


There is nothing better than walking, to discover the wonderful architecture of this fantastic city. You can get lost among beautiful alleys, historic buildings and beautiful squares.
Many areas are forbidden to cars.


The two-wheeler is the ideal way to get around the city. The advice, however, is to use it outside the historic center, since the latter is particularly busy with pedestrians, especially at weekends.
There are numerous cycle paths, ideal for getting around Cesky Krumlov.


Getting around Cesky Krumlov, autobusové nádraží, busy Karosa

Photo, 2008 Aktron

Cesky Krumlov is not a particularly large city, so the public transport offer is rather limited. There are only three bus lines, ideal, above all, to reach the most outlying areas.
Here, below, the detail:

  • Blue 335001 line, from Spoli / Kemp to Tovární točna, from 04: 55 to 21: 20. In the opposite direction, from the 05: 20 to the 22: 24.
  • Yellow line 335002, from Autobusové nádrází to Vyšny osada, from 04: 50 to 19: 16. In the opposite direction, from the 05: 00 to the 19: 30.
  • Red line 335003, from Autobusové nádrází to Vētrni, from 05: 20 to 22: 43. In the opposite direction, from the 04: 55 to the 21: 04.

Buses run every day, from Monday to Sunday, according to the times above. Night service is not provided.
The three lines converge to Autobusové nádrází, that is, the Central Bus Station. From here, regional vehicles depart that reach Cesky Budejovice.


To travel to Cesky Krumlov by bus, you need to buy the ticket directly from the driver of the vehicle. Traveling on public transport is quite cheap. A valid ticket for a trip costs just 10Kč, from 16 years upwards. Children aged 6 and 15 years, and those over 65, pay the reduced fee for 5Kč. The ticket is valid for 45 minutes from validation.

For all the info and updates, we recommend the official website from this link.

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