Getting around in Colmar

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Getting around in Colmar by foot, by bike, by bus. Tickets and bus lines

The center of Colmar can be easily reached on foot. To cover medium-haul distances, bikes and buses are the most convenient solution.


A convenient, economical, zero emission method. By bike, it is possible to move in Colmar and throughout the agglomeration, covering short / medium-haul distances.

Ideal, for example, to reach the nearby Eguisheim, Ingersheim or the splendid Husseren Les Chateâux, less than 9 km along the Route Des Vins.

Not far from the Central train station, Vélodocteurs offers a wide choice of two wheels; from bikes for children, to classic bicycles for the city, up to E-Bike. Good prices and availability. Rate for a classic adult bike, 8.00 € for a full day, and 6.00 € for a child. For the rental, ID card and cash deposit are required.

Getting around in Colmar


The French company TRACE, a Colmar company, is part of its agglomeration and operates an excellent and modern bus network. Thanks to them, it is possible to move to Colmar without difficulty, reaching many neighboring destinations.

The buses are particularly efficient and modern and connect, in a capillary way, the main points of interest.

From Monday to Saturday, the 16 service lines run in Colmar, Ingersheim, Turkheim and other nearby destinations. The lines are all identified by a progressive number from 1 to 9 and from 20 to 26. They are, generally, in operation from 06: 00 about in the morning, to 19: 00. The only exception is the 1 line Colmar Europe - Horbourg-Wihr Pl 1er Février / Pommiers, running until midnight.

On Sundays and holidays, on the other hand, for a few hours, only the 4 lines A, B, C, and E are operating.

Even people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users can move to Colmar by bus. On the 1, 2, 7, A, B, C and E lines, modern low-floor vehicles circulate. All the stops on the 7 lines are accessible by disabled people.


There are different types, suitable for all needs. Here, below, the main travel titles to move to Colmar. Billet a l'Unité, valid for a trip on a bus, for a maximum of one hour from validation. It costs 1.40 €, and is the only stock that can be purchased on the vehicle, in cash, with banknotes not exceeding € 20.

10 Billets Carnet, consists of 10 single-ride tickets, always valid within one hour of the first validation. Costa 10.20 €. Each ticket, therefore, costs 1.02 € against 1.40 € of the basic fare. Billet Pass Hebdo is a weekly pass, valid 7 days from the first use. Costa 10.30 €. Billet Alsa + 24 heures Colmar Agglo, it is a valid ticket 24 hours from the first validation, on all the means of Colmar and of the entire conurbation. Includes Alsa trains, buses and trams. Costa 3.50 €.

Special tickets can be purchased for special events such as the ecological day. The so-called Billet Time, sold exclusively on Colmar buses, cost 1,70 € and are valid for the whole day.

All tickets, except for those sold exclusively on the vehicle, can be purchased at Trace sales points and branches located in the city.

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