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How to get to Colmar, in Alsace. Info and connections by air, train, car

The most Alsatian city ... of Alsace.

Colmar is located in a wonderful land, full of charm, tradition and history. Deeply linked to its origins, of which all of Alsace is jealous.

For many, Colmar embodies the essence of a whole earth. A truly enchanting place, in every period of the year, which reaches its peak during the Christmas period. The Christmas markets are the pride of the city, loved and appreciated by an increasing number of visitors.

Land of vineyards, canals, beautiful houses, and a great gastronomic tradition, Colmar manages to break even in the most demanding tourist.

Colmar France



From Europe, the best method is more convenient, to reach Colmar is the plane, landing in nearby Strasbourg or Mulhouse.
The city is located, almost perfectly halfway between the two airports, just a little more than 60 kilometers from each.
Both airports are well connected by direct flight to the main European destinations.

Directly fromStrasbourg airport, you can use the TER train to get to your destination. The journey takes about 50 minutes, making a change at Gare de Strasbourg. Tickets, booking in advance, cost around € 9.00 per person. The Flixbus bus is another rather inexpensive option.

Da Mulhouse / EuroAirport, you move easily with comfortable, and cheap, Flixbus. The bus fleet is extremely modern and efficient, with very competitive prices.


Gare de Colmar-Central is the main central train station, located right in the center. The building was inaugurated at the beginning of 900.
SNCF guarantees numerous connections with the rest of the country, with TER, Ouigo and even TGV trains.
From Paris, Gare de l'Est, it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes by TGV to get to your destination, passing through Strasbourg.
Instead, it takes just over 3 hours to get from Lyon.

Thanks to the excellent connections, and the proximity of the station with the center, the train is really an excellent solution. Recommended, in particular, if your holiday should be exclusively in the Alsatian city.


Arriving from the south, via Switzerland, implies the mandatory purchase of Vignette. To this must be added the cost of fuel and toll in France.

Arriving by car, as mentioned, is an option to be considered for a holiday with several stages. Needless to bring the car in tow, having to stay exclusively in this city. It is easy to move on foot and by transport.

The city is served by the motorway. If you want to arrive by car, from the north, Brussels is just over 500 kilometers, most of which on the motorway.
From the Germans Nuremberg and Munich, respectively, 420 and 440 are the kilometers to be tackled.
From Marseille, in the south of France, it takes more than 700 kilometers, passing through Lyon.

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