Reaching Budapest

Romantic and vain gem, which is mirrored on the Danube!

The capital of Hungary is a truly wonderful city, almost inextricably linked to the Danube, where, especially in the evening .... he loves to look at himself, with his castles, palaces and churches. And, of course, the sumptuous neo-Gothic Parliament, whose shape shines all over the city.

Budapest, where the traces of two cities in one are clearly evident: Buddha, west of the river, regal and sumptuous with notorious castle, and Plague, modern, with its palaces, cafes and beautiful markets. A romantic city: watch it from the river during a boat ride. A magical city, to be discovered. So, what are you waiting for to organize a fantastic trip to Budapest?



Budapest-Ferihegy, also known under the name of Ferenc Liszt, in honor of the eponymous magician musician, is the city's international airport, as well as the main airport of Hungary. It is about 16 km from the city center and consists of two Terminals. The airport is well connected to major European destinations and also with the Middle East, Asia and North America. Until 2012, it was the airline's hub Malév, then failed that same year. Currently it is the basis of the Wizz Air, the Hungarian Low-Cost company, one of the most used to fly in Eastern Europe.

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TRENO Not far from the 2 Terminal, there is the railway station of Ferihegy with which it is possible to reach the train station by train Budapest-Nyugati, in the center. To reach the station of Ferihegy, you must first take the 200E BUS; Tickets can not be purchased at the terminal, but only at the station. The train runs daily from the 4 in the morning to the 24. They start with a frequency of a couple every hour, and take about 30 minutes to get downtown. The ticket costs 370 HUF.

BUS Il 200E bus connects the 2 Airport Terminal with the Metro station, 3 Line of Kőbánya-Kispest; from here, travelers are taking the Metro, direction Újpest Központ to reach the city center. During the journey, the stop of Deák Ferenc it is an interchange with its other metropolitan lines. The bus runs daily from 04: 00 to 23: 00 (from 23 until one in the morning, the same bus makes an exclusive connection from the airport to South Pest; from here, the 950 night bus connects the center). The ticket costs 350 HUF if purchased on the outside, while 450 HUF if purchased on the vehicle.

At the airport, tickets for buses and subway can be purchased at vending machines or at the POST OFFICE located on the mezzanine level of the 2A Terminal. Here, as well as the single-journey ticket, you can also buy different types (carnet, Tickets from 24 or 72 hours).


Just 250 kilometers separate the Magyar city from Vienna. So a couple of hours separate the two important Eastern Capitals. From Prague, however, the kilometers are little more than 500. You have to travel more than 800 kilometers, instead, to reach Bucharest or Warsaw. From Italy, starting from Venice, you have to travel about 700 km to reach the Hungarian capital; you pass in order Trieste, Fernetti (Slovenian border), Ljubjana, Maribor, and from there following the signs Madzarska-Magyarország (H), which means Hungary. Hungary has a very extensive and efficient European road and motorway network. Remember that if you were to cross the Slovenian territory, the highway stamp is mandatory.


Keleti pályaudvar, or Eastern Station, is the main train station, located between the avenue Rákóczi, Kerepesi Avenue e Thököly Avenue. It is located in Pest. It was built between 1881 and 1884, designed by Gyula Rochlitz and János Feketeházy. The station is well connected to major European destinations, including Belgrade, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Salzburg and Vienna, to name a few. Moreover, it is interconnected with the homonymous subway station, M4 line.


A particularly fascinating solution, which we quote for the record, is to reach Budapest by river from Vienna with the MAHART ship. The ship leaves at 09: 00, on even days from Vienna and on odd days from Budapest, and takes just over 6 hours to reach its destination. Tickets cost 99 € per person. More information is available on the official website of the company Mahart. The same, also, performs an excellent navigation service within the city.

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