Bucharest How to Move

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Bucharest how to get around by metro, bus and tram. Hours and tickets

Bucharest has a good public transport network on rail and road which includes buses, trams and the underground. The best way to get around Bucharest is, undoubtedly, the metro.


Bucharest has a good underground network with which you can reach every point of the city. The network is managed by the company Metrorex, separated from the surface network, managed by the RATB. It is a rather young system. The first M1 line, in fact, was only inaugurated in the 1979. Currently, the operational lines are 4 (M1, M2, M3 e M4), distinguished by a different color, for a total of 51 stations. An additional line is currently in cautiere. The metro is quite efficient and punctual with frequencies at peak times even 4 minutes.

Lines generally work from 5 in the morning to 23: 00. There are different types of tickets, which can only be used for the metropolitan line. There is no single travel ticket. You can choose between the ticket valid for two trips (5.00LEI), the one from 10 corse (20.ooLEI), the ticket DAILY PASS valid for the whole day at the cost of 8.00LEI. The weekly pass is very convenient, which allows 25.00 days to travel on the metro at the cost of 7LEI.
Tickets must always be validated before embarking on the journey.

More info on the official Metrorex website.

Map Of the Bucharest Metro

Photo, Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa)


Buses and trams are operational throughout the day from the 05 to the 24 and connect the whole city capillary. Tickets are valid on all vehicles except the Metro, and the so-called EXPRESS BUS (which lead out of town) for which different tickets are required.

Tickets can be purchased at all the stores displaying the RATB company logo. There is also a special magnetic card (costs 3.70LEI) that allows you to load any type of ticket.
The single-fare ticket costs 1.30LEI while a day ticket (unlimited travel on buses and trams for the whole day) costs 8.00LEI. The weekly pass is very convenient: it costs 17 LEI.
It is not possible to buy the ticket on board; always remember to validate the ticket when you get on the vehicle or you will pay 50.00LEI as a ticket (they call it OVERPRICE!).


In general, to move around Bucharest, tourists prefer taxis. You find them a little everywhere, yellow, but pay close attention because many do not have a good reputation. Avoid, if possible, a private taxi whose fares are often very expensive.

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