Bruges How to move

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How to arrive and move in Austria. Practical info, time, post, electrical socket and more

De Lijn is the company that manages public transport in the city. Besides 20 buses connect the center with the more peripheral neighborhoods. The preferred way to travel around Bruges, however, is the bike; above all, if you want to stay in the center. There are numerous opportunities in the city to rent a bike.


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Bruges is served by well 58 urban, and regional daytime lines. Buses, are the ideal means especially to reach the most suburban neighborhoods. Markt, Wollestraat and the Biekorf in Kuipersstraat, they are some of the stops that meet most frequently.

Buses run daily from 05: 50 about 22: 00. The schedules, however, undergo variations according to the line. Thanks to night buses, you can move around Bruges and neighboring municipalities, even after the 22: 00 to 05: 00 in the morning. Here is the complete list of night buses:

88 = Evening line Station - Sint-Michiels - Kinepolis
89 = Evening Line Station - Sint-Andries - AZ Sint-Jan
90 = Evening Line Station - Centrum - Sint-Jozef - Koolkerke - Dudzele
91 = Evening line Station - Centrum - Gentpoort - Kruispoort - Assebroek
92 = Evening line Station - Sint-Pieters - Lissewege - Zwankendamme - Zeebrugge
93 = Evening line Station - Vogelzang - Varsenare - Jabbeke - Zerkegem - Snellegem
94 = Evening line Station - Kinepolis - Zedelgem - Aartrijke
95 = Evening line Station - Moerbrugge - Oostkamp - Hertsberge
96 = Evening line Station - Oostkamp - Waardamme - Ruddervoorde
97 = Evening line Station - Assebroek - Oedelem - Beernem - Sint-Joris
98 = Evening line Station - Sint-Kruis - Sijsele - Vivenkapelle - Moerkerke
99 = Evening line Station - Loppem - Merkemveld - Veldegem.

It should be noted that some of the night lines operate only on Fridays and Saturdays, while others, even during the week.


Bruges How to move

More than a means to move to Bruges, a way to discover the city from a unique and suggestive perspective. In the city, you will find numerous comoagnie that make visits by boat, crossing the canals of Bruges. Generally, the tour lasts around 30 'with prices ranging from 8 to 10 €. Children from 4 to 11 years pay the reduced rate of 50%. Free for children under the age of 3.

Boottochten, is one of the many companies that we could recommend. Find more info on the official website, from this link. Obviously, it is not the only one.


Those wishing to use buses occasionally can opt for the single ticket. It costs 3,00 € and is valid for 60 minutes from validation.

Tickets can be purchased on board the De Lijn vehicle; banknote denominations not exceeding 10 € are accepted. You can buy tickets in automatic machines. Please note that the ticket is valid for all areas. The journey must be completed within 60 minutes of the first validation.

Alternatively, you can purchase the passport. Thanks to them, you can make unlimited travel for the number of days purchased. Even the Pass can be purchased on the vehicle, but in this case an increase is foreseen.

Lijn Card is a convenient carnet from 10 single tickets. Costs 16.00 €, allowing a strong saving. In fact, each trip will cost 1.60 € instead of 3.00 €.

Here are the types available:

  • 1 Pass day € 6.00 (8.000 € on board).
  • 3 days € 12.00 pass.
  • 5 days € 17.00 pass.

The pass, on board, can only be purchased in the 1 day cut.

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