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How to get to Bruges from Brussels and Charleroi. Train, car, plane

The jewel of Flanders.

Impressive charm and incredible beauty, in a city where you can breathe an atmosphere of other times. Its enchanting medieval historical center; the houses and the colored buildings; the canals and cobbled streets. There are many reasons why it is worth visiting this jewel of northern Europe. A city whose perfectly preserved historical center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A kind of inspiration. Not an appearance, but a real protagonist, ready to charm and fascinate visitors. Do not hesitate and pack your bags: have a good trip to the Capital of West Flanders.



Despite not having an airport, the city can easily be reached by air, landing in Brussels, Charleroi, or Lille.


Given the high number of connections, Brussels National Airport is the optimal solution. Every day, direct flights are guaranteed to Brussels National from major European cities and the world. All info and direct links through our official page.

As soon as you land at the airport, you can use the train to reach many national and international destinations, including Bruges. Brussels Airport-Zaventem train station is located on the -1 of the terminal, a short distance from the arrivals hall (2 floor) and departures (3 floor). You can buy the train ticket in the special machines. The standard ticket for an adult costs around € 21,00. There are some special tickets that allow you to get advantageous rates; the Weekend ticket, for example, allows you to make a round trip, within two days, at the cost of 27,60 €. The journey around about 90 '.


Charleroi-Bruxelles Sud is an international airport, located in Gosselies, in the city of Charleroi, about 45 kilometers south of the capital of Belgium. According to the national airport for passenger traffic, Charleroi-Bruxelles Sud has become, over the years, the base of the Low-Cost companies. RyanAir and Wizz Air guarantee direct connections to numerous destinations all year round. For all the info on the airport and how to get there, it's available our official page from this link.

To reach Bruges, from Brussels South Charleroi Airport, the best solution is the bus. Flibco guarantees daily connections to the city, directly from the airport terminal. The one-way full fare ticket costs 17.20 €. The bus travels directly with a travel time of about 2 hours. The bus stops at Brugge Station (Rijselstraat-Spoorwegstraat). You can buy tickets online, directly here, on the official website.



Brugge is the Central Railway Station from which trains run by NMBS / SNCB depart. It is one of the busiest railway hubs in the entire country. To date, with the cancellation of the Thalys for Paris in the 2015, serves exclusively national routes. From here, local trains and Intercity depart daily for numerous destinations, including Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Liege.


The distances from the main Belgian cities are far from prohibitive. Brussels is about 100 kilometers, passing through Ghent, located almost halfway. Also for Antwerp, similar distances: just over 100 kilometers. All distances can be traveled almost entirely on the motorway section. Please note that in Belgium the roads and motorways are free.

The French Lille, not far from the border, is less than 80 kilometers. Paris, however, can be reached by car, from Bruges, in less than 3 hours; the transalpine capital is just under 300 kilometers. Even for Germany and the Netherlands the distances are quite limited. About 180 kilometers separate Bruges from Rotterdam and just over 250 from Amsterdam. The German Cologne and Frankfurt are respectively 320 and 500 kilometers.

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