Bordeaux Weekend

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Bordeaux Weekend: three days to discover the best museums and attractions

A quick and efficient public transport system and a historic center easily visited on foot, are, of course, the strengths for those wishing to visit the city in a weekend.

1 day Bordeaux Weekend

Place de la Bourse. Bordeaux de nuit

Photo, 2007 Fabien1309

The best way to start your Bordeaux weekend is to start from one of the city's landmarks: Place de la Bourse and Miroir d'eau. Work of the Parisian architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel, inaugurated in the 1749, Piazza della Borsa is one of the main places of the city. Located in front of the Garonne, with the center in the Fontana delle Grazie, and, on the sides, the Palais de la Bourse and l 'hôtel des Férmes, Seat of the Musée de la Douane, today can be considered in all respects, one of the most beautiful squares in the world! The merit must be counted also for the realization, in the 2006, of the Miroir d'Eau, that is, a splendid and immense mirror of water in which the square and the buildings are reflected. Beautiful, wonderful, it is really impressive, in the evening all lit up; or in summer, when the children are having fun roaming through the steam. Under the mirror, in fact, there are a cistern and pumps that allow water to rise and fall from the surface; a series of pumps, on the other hand, throw water-vapor throws of almost two meters in height! With your children, or in pairs, it will be fun to watch the show. Even just for a photo.

So be prepared for long walks through the wonderful alleys of the historic center, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Because, after all, Bordeaux is especially this: a beautiful city in which to get lost in its narrow streets, dotted with beautiful buildings and clubs. A city to live, slowly, sipping wine and savoring culinary delicacies in one of the typical restaurants.

Walking along Rue Leopold, you find the beauty St. Peter's Church, gothic church overlooking the beautiful and evocative square of the same name, with pebbles and small shops. Very charming in the evening.

From here, along the river, along Quai Richelieu, you will review Porte de Cailhau, a historic 15th-century Gothic gate, and Place Bir Harkeim, dotted with splendid 18th-century buildings. Here, there is another historic city gate: Porte de Bourgogne.

10-Bordeaux - basilique Saint-Michel (3)

Photo, 2013 Orikrin1998

The next one Saint-Michel, is an ethnic and multicultural neighborhood, which houses a three-story gallery with sellers of old and antique furniture and objects. Here, the head office is located Parc des Sports, a sports center much loved by locals, with soccer fields, basketball and volleyball right on the banks of the Garonne. In the square, not to be missed, the Basilique Saint-Michel, Catholic church of the 300, in Gothic-flamboyant style. It has been elected historical monument of France and world heritage ofUNESCO, as a goal of the Via Turonensis, one of the routes to Saint Jacques de Compostela in France. Detached from the building, the gothic bell tower Tour de Saint Michel, dated 1472, whose particularity is to be one of the highest in all of France: well 114,60 meters! The basilica and the bell tower are open every day from 10: 00 to 12: 00 and 13: 00 to 18: 00. The full ticket costs 5,00 €.

Bordeaux, as said, is full of locals. Before it's time for dinner, you can have some of the many cafés in the area. There really is something for everyone. When you have regained your strength and energy, set off along Rue Saint-Cathérine; è a very long road, a true fulcrum of the pedestrian area, full of fashionable shops for all tastes. The road stretches for several kilometers from far Victory Square e Porte d'Aquitaine, Up to Place de la Comédie, a wonderful square with a wonderful "glance" that ranges from Alleys of Tourny, the Esplanade and the beautiful Grand-Théâtre-Ópera National de Bordeaux, splendid theater, inaugurated in 1780.

Bordeaux Weekend

For those interested in attending a piéce, you can consult the program on the official website, through this link. The square is a very lively center; we recommend spending a few hours between this place and Quincunxes. You are really spoiled for choice. You could opt for the Éntrecôte, known French chain that serves the same name meat and side dish; one eats rather well and does not spend much. The choice is really varied, for all tastes and budgets. Stay in the area: a nice walk along the promenade, in the evening, is what it takes to close off your first day.

2 day Bordeaux Weekend

Wake up calmly: Bordeaux is a city where you have to relax. It is no coincidence that the majority of museums and monuments do not open before 11. Choose a Patisserie, or a Boulangerie for a wonderful French breakfast. With the tram, line B, get off at the stop Hòtel de Ville, in front of the beautiful Cathedral of Sant'Andrea.

Bordeaux cathedral

Saint-André is the splendid Cathedral consecrated in 1096 by Pope Urban II. Splendid example of a combination of Romanesque style and Gothic style; of the latter, the apse part, is a splendid example. Beautiful interior and beautiful exterior, with the two tall towers and the wonderful Port Royale, portal decorated with reliefs and statues of the thirteenth century.
Detached from the structure, the tower Pey-Berland, bell tower in flamboyant Gothic style, from whose height you can enjoy an incredible view of the whole city. To reach the highest point, you have to climb through a spiral staircase, crossing well 266 steps! It's worth it.

Saint-Andre and the Tower, have been classified as a Historic Monument of France; Moreover, the Cathedral has been awarded by UNESCO as a stage of the Via Turonensis, one of the four French routes of the Way of St. James of Compostela, which starts from the Tour Saint-Jacques, in Paris.

The Cathedral is open every day from Tuesday to Sunday from 10: 00 to 12: 00 and 14: 00 to 18: 00. Mondays are open exclusively from 14 to 18.
Official Website:

La Tour Pey-Berland It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10: 00 to 12: 30 and from 14: 00 to 17: 30. Exclusively during the months of June, July, August and September, it is open from 10: 0 to 13: 15 and from 14: 00 to 18: 00.
Entry is allowed within 30 minutes of closing, for a limit of 19 people at a time. The full ticket costs 5,50 €, and reduced 4,50 €.
Official Site:

Beaux arts bordeaux

Photo, 2007 Michel Buze

The next one Museum of Fine Arts it is one of the best museums of all France. Located in the city center, it is housed within the splendid Palazzo Rohan, nineteenth-century building, now the Town Hall. The Museum of Fine Arts, is entirely dedicated to painting from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, and houses important collections of Italian, French, Dutch and Flemish artists.
The permanent collection of European paintings and sculptures extends between the two wings of the museum, in a journey that retraces the most important periods in the history of art; Italian Renaissance, 15th and 16th century European Renaissance painting, 17th century Caravaggio painting, 17th century Dutch and Dutch paintings, 17th and 18th century Italian paintings, 17th and 18th century French paintings, English, German and Flemish paintings of the 18th century.
Temporary collections are hosted in the Galerie des Beaux-Arts, a short distance from the Museum, in Place du Colonel Raynal.
The museum is open every day, except on Tuesdays and holidays (always closed), from 11: 00 to 18: 00. The gallery observes the same times. The entrance fee for the museum costs 4,00 € (FREE with City-Pass), while to visit the Galerie exhibition space, the ticket price is 6,50 € with the possibility of taking advantage of the guided tour at the additional cost of 3,00 € .
For more info, it is available, from this link, the official website.

Musee des arts decoratifs de Bordeaux

Photo, 2012 Dark Attsios

A few hundred meters away, in the street of the antique dealers, is the interesting one Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design. The Hôtel de Lalande is very beautiful, which houses the museum; a 1779 building, with elegant interiors, and probably one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The museum houses a permanent collection of furniture, ceramics, miniatures, objects and silver, musical instruments and precious examples of French decorative art. The collection is arranged on three floors of the building. The museum is open every day, except Tuesdays and holidays (closing days) from 11: 00 to 18: 00. The admission fee for the permanent exhibition costs 4, or € full rate and € 2,00 reduced. To visit the temporary collection of pay a supplement of 1,00 €.

In front of the Museum of Fine Arts, it extends Esplanade Charles de Gaulle. It is a quiet public park, perfect for relaxing during a Bordeaux Weekend. It rises in the modern district Meriadeck, renovated with offices, palaces, libraries and shopping centers. A little further on, the door Dijeaux It is a historic door of the eighteenth century. built in a classicist style by André Portier. From here develops Cours de l'Intendance, the street of luxury brands. If you are with your half ... avoid it.

La Basilique Saint-Saurina little further on, it represents an obligatory stop. Dating back to the twelfth century, in Romanesque-Gothic style, like Saint-André and Saint-Michel, it was chosen as a Historical Monument and World Heritage Site.UNESCO, as a goal of the Via Turonensis, one of the routes to Saint Jacques de Compostela in France. Inside, the crypt with sarcophagi from the 6th century Do not miss, next to the Site Archéologique de Saint Seurin, early Christian necropolis with tombs, burial chambers and sarcophagi dating back to the fifth century. The site, after Palais Gallien, is the oldest evidence in the city. It's open every day, from 10: 00 to 12: 00 and 13: 00 to 18: 00. The admission ticket costs 3,50 €. The Basilica, on the other hand, is open Tuesday to Saturday from 08: 30 to 19: 45 and Sunday from 09: 00 to 12: 15 and 18: 00 to 20: 15. Closed on Monday.

Bordeaux foire quinconces

Photo, 2007 Alexandre Duret-Lutz

About one kilometer separates you from the immense Place de Quinconces, which, probably, you could have glimpsed at the beginning of the Bordeaux Weekend. With its 126000 square meters, it is one of the largest squares in all of Europe! Once, in this square, there was the Chateau Trompette, an ancient castle, destroyed during the Restoration period. Numerous monuments arise within this vast area; beautiful the Monument aux Girondins, with its tall column, the bronze fountains, the sea horses and the triumphal chariots. The square, today, is also the hub of the transport system throughout the city. Numerous tram and bus lines stop right here; Quinconces Jean Jaurés, is the stop of BatCub, the boat that carries passengers from one bank to the other of the Garonne. If you were to find yourself before the 19s, let us jump; you just need a single transport travel ticket (even better, if you had one TICKETPASS).

Advice for the evening? Well, you're in the Capital of Wine !! Drink and have fun.

3 day Bordeaux Weekend

XDSC 7599-jardin-public-de-Bordeaux

Photo, 2008 Pline

Ready for the last stop of your Bordeaux Weekend? By public transportation (tram, line C), close Quincunxes, reach Jardin Public; it is a beautiful English park, created in the 1749 in an area with vineyards and crops, and modified in the 1859. Public park, quiet, well-kept and particularly extensive, ideal for spending some time in total relaxation. The park is crossed by long paths bordered by vast meadows, trees, flowerbeds. There is even a stream on which a small island can be reached through two metal pedestrian walkways. Inside, there are also a playground, a carousel, a puppet theater, and the Muséum d'Histoire naturelle, which contains minerals and fossils from the south of France. Currently closed for renewal for the whole 2016.

With a short walk of a few minutes along Rue Duplessy, you reach Rue Barraud to admire Palais Gallien, or I was, the ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheater built, in all probability, towards the end of the first century. Palais Gallien, is the oldest evidence of what was called Burdigala (the ancient Bordeaux of the Romans). Here, in ancient times, more than 20000 people watched from the stands to the games. A monumental door, some walls and arches are still visible. Open every day from 13: 00 to 18: 00. Entrance is FREE.

Il Musée d'Aquitaine certainly worth a visit during your Weekend Bordeau. If possible, cut out some time to visit it, maybe in the early days. It is a museum of history, archeology and ethnography, housed in the old seat of Literature and Sciences, and dedicated to the history of Bordeaux and Aquitaine. Inside, a chronological path is proposed starting from the Stone Age up to contemporary history; the first weapons and tools, mosaics, ceramics, marbles, friezes and much more. The museum is located between Victory Square and the splendid Cathedral of Saint-André, and can be reached by tram, line B.
It is open every day, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11: 00 to 18: 00. Closed on Mondays and holidays.
The full ticket costs 4,00 € for the permanent collection only, or 6,50 € also for the temporary collection. You can use the audio guide for € 2,50. Free for the 18 over, the owners of the Bordeaux CITY PASS, and all the first Sundays of every month (except July and August).
For all info, including temporary collections, please consult the official website, directly from this link.

We are sure you will love this wonderful city. A weekend is ideal, but the best would be to visit it more days, because, Bordeaux, is above all the starting point to discover the wine roads: tastings, tours, visits to the wonderful Chateau and an explosion of aromas and perfumes. So, you will really appreciate this city ... divine!

Good Weekend Bordeaux!

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