Bordeaux how to move

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Bordeaux How to get around by tram, bus, boat in the city. Practical info

Tram and bus de la Cub, better known by the acronym TBC, is the company that manages the public transport network of the city of Bordeaux. Founded in the 2004, it connects, today, in a capillary center, suburbs and neighboring areas, through an integrated and efficient network of buses, trams and boats. It's really an excellent service to get around Bordeaux.


Bordeaux - Straßenbahn - Netzplan

Photo, 2008 Chumwa

Three lines and a total of about 55 km, represent the Bordeaux tramway offer. The lines are identified by different numbers and colors: A, B and C (picture above). Line A covers about 24 km of route and a total of 46 stops; the line B has a length of about 16 kilometers and 31 stops; the C line is long 15 kilometers and has 22 stops.

The service is guaranteed every day, including holidays, from 05: 30 to 00: 00.


The road network is highly efficient, thanks to the presence of well 76 lines, in function for use throughout the day. Of these, the 13 Lianes (LIgne A Niveau Elevé de Service), are highlighted by supply and quality; bus lines, complementary to trams, high frequency, from 10 to 15 minutes.
They work from 05: 00 at midnight (Friday and Saturday up to 02: 00 approximately, depending on the line).
The Lianes 1 + connects Bordeaux with the airport in about40 minutes. Night service is guaranteed by 58 Line only, depending on 01: 00 on 04: 00 in the morning.


For some years, TBC has set up the BatCub service, which is a river transport system that allows you to move around Bordeaux in an alternative way. The boats represent, in our opinion, a really comfortable and suggestive way to discover the city. The service is active from 07: 00 in the morning up to 19: 00; the boats connect passengers from one side to the other Stalingrad-Parlier, Quinconces-Jean Jaurès, Médoc-Les Hangars, Lormont Bas.


Bordeaux How to Move

There are different types of tickets and season tickets. The best and cheapest method is the TBC CARD; it is a free and personal card, equipped with a microchip, on which you can upload subscriptions or tickets (carnet from 5, minimum). To get the TBC CARDS it is sufficient to present oneself to one of the TBC points present in the city, obtain an identity document and a photo card. The card can be recharged at the TBC points and all the vending machines in the stations. More info on the official website from this link.

Tickets and season tickets are, of course, available in the traditional paper version. All tickets are valid and can be used to make travel on buses, trams or boats.

The single ticket costs 1,50 € and allows you to make a trip on bus, tram and batCub within one hour from the first validation. The 5 travel book costs 6,70 €, while the 10 travel book costs 12,40.
Subscriptions are only available in one day version (TICKARTE 1 JOUR) at the cost of 4,50 €, or weekly (TICKARTE 7 JOURS), at the affordable price of 12,60 €. The PASS SOIRÉE is part of the subscription type and, at the cost of 2,00 €, allows you to make unlimited travel on vehicles during the night.
All season tickets allow unlimited travel on the vehicles and use of the PARC-RELAIS included in the price.

To encourage the use of public transport, and to move around Bordeaux without cars, 21 was created PARC-RELAY, or parking areas, near many main tram stops. Parking is free for all those who buy a TICKETPASS or PASS SOIRÉE; just enter your own car in the Parc-Relais, DISPOSING IN THE LEFT LINE. Once entered, simply purchase the subscription, which will then be used to exit the parking lot. It is emphasized that the PARC-RELAIS observe the same tram timetables. If you have to stop after the scheduled time, you will have to pay a surcharge of 15 €.

CITY PASSinstead, it is the solution that combines unlimited access to all transport, the Parc-Relais and the museums and monuments of the city. Info and prices from this link.

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