Edinburgh Military Tattoo, in Scotland from the 02 to the 24 August 2019. Guide and info WHERE: Edinburgh, Scotland WHEN: 02 - 24 August 2019 About 100 million (!!) are the people who follow this event, from all over the world. Indeed, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a global event, broadcast on TV in more than 40 countries of [...]

Winzerfest Saint Pauli, from the 22 to the 25 August 2019, Hamburg. Guide and info WHERE: Hamburg, Germany WHEN: 22 - 25 August 2019 Germans are a people that loves to have fun. From January to December, there are noteworthy events, festivals and events. The splendid Hamburg is no exception. Music, fun and ... [...]

Lollapalooza Berlin, 07 - 08 September 2019. Info, schedule, schedules, tickets WHERE: Berlin, Germany LOCATION: 07 and 08 September 2019 The Lollapalooza Berlin, one of the most popular summer festivals, is now in its fourth edition. A brand that needs no introduction. A traveling festival that, between highs and lows, has become, for almost forty years, [...]

Ypsigrock 2019, in August, in Sicily one of the best European indie festivals WHERE: Castelbuono, Sicily WHEN: 08 - 11 August 2019 Sicily, a magical and evocative land. A wonderful place, between sun, sea, art and culture. Every year, in a small village less than 100km from Palermo, one of the music festivals is hosted [...]

Mainzer Weinmarkt 2019. What to do and see at the Food and Wine Festival WHERE: Mainz, Germany WHEN: from 29 / 08 to 01 / 09 and from 05 / 09 to 08 / 09 2019 Excellent wine, food and a charming and relaxing atmosphere. This, is so much more, await you at the Mainzer Weinmarkt, an event that, for two weekends, will cheer visitors to Mainz. For 8 days, [...]

Mud Boryeong Festival, 19 - 28 July 2019. Best event in Korea WHERE: Boryeong, South Korea WHEN: 19 - 28 July 2019 One of those Festivals ... where you can come back a little kids. The craziest and most incredible event in Korea, where you can roll in mountains of mud. We get dirty, always with a smile [...]

Tollwood Sommerfestival, 26 June - 21 July 2019 Munich WHERE: Munich, Germany WHEN: from 26 June to 21 July 2019 Tollwood is an exhibition that combines art, music and culture, from the 1991. Organized by Tollwood GmbH, it takes place twice a year, in Munich. The Tollwood Sommerfestival, as can be seen from the name, [...]

Parklife Festival, 08 and 09 June 2019 in Mancheter. Info, lineup, tickets WHERE: Manchester, England. WHEN: 08 - 09 June 2019 Are you ready for a crazy weekend in the UK? In June, Parklife Festival awaits you, an eclectic music festival held annually in Manchester. Two days of pure fun, accompanied by the music of extraordinary [...]

We Pride Festival, 03-07 July 2019 in Madrid. Info, gay party, prices WHERE: Madrid, Spain WHEN: 03 - 07 July 2019 World Pride Madrid, is one of the most anticipated, and "hot", events of the Spanish summer. In these parts, we speak of awakening of the Gay Pride. If you want to have fun without brakes, you can't miss the We Pride [...]