Temps de Flors 2019, in Girona. Info, program, timetables and festival tickets Temps de Flors Share on Facebook Share on pinterest Share on twitter DATE: 11 - 19 May 2019 PLACE: Girona, Spain Girona is a city of incredible charm. In May, in the middle of spring, it offers the best of itself, when it is ... time for flowers! [...]

Viktualienmarkt is one of the must-see places on a trip to Munich. One of the city's most permanent outdoor markets, located in the heart of Munich. It is located a few steps from St Peter Kirche and Marienplatz, the place where it was originally born, about two centuries ago. An authentic triumph of colors, smells and [...]

Oktoberfest 2019. Info, prices, timetables, tickets. What to do and see Oktoberfest Share on Facebook Share on pinterest Share on twitter PERIOD: 21 September - 06 October 2019 PLACE: Munich, Germany Oktoberfest: literally, October party. Hands up if you haven't heard of them at least once in your life. Moreover, we talk about [...]

Best European beaches of the 2019. Concha, Praia da Falesia, Lampedusa Summer, for many, is synonymous with sun and sea. If the goal of your next trip was Europe, here is a good starting point to start with. Tripadvisor, the popular review site for restaurants, hotels and tourist destinations, has just awarded 2019 Traveler's Choice for [...]

Berlin Luxury. Last minute offer with flight and hotel in August 2019 Set off to discover a young and booming metropolis, as well as, a city of incredible charm. Berlin is a fantastic place to admire beautiful attractions; in which you will be overwhelmed by the extraordinary nightlife of its premises; events and international events. Berlin, and [...]

Vitiloire 2019. What to do and see at the wine event in the Loire DATE: 25 - 26 May 2019 PLACE: Tours, France. The Loire. A fascinating place, between history and nature, with the evocative Castles, famous throughout the world. A land of great tradition, and above all, noble vineyards. Indeed, the wines awarded the AOC label are 79. [...]

March. Where to go and when to leave. Practical info, climate, destinations Considered, by many, a month of little appeal, March could, instead, turn out to be a period full of satisfactions. First of all, from an economic point of view. This is a great time to get discounts and promotions on flights and hotels. Furthermore, you will avoid the crowd and confusion and [...]

Hafengeburtstag 2019, the May Maritime Festival in Hamburg Hafengeburstag Share on Facebook Share on pinterest Share on twitter How to get there and reach Karpathos by ship and plane. Links DATE: 10 - 12 May 2019 PLACE: Hamburg, Germany Hamburg is a truly fascinating and evocative city. Walking through the streets of the city, it appears evident, [also]

Feria del Caballo 2019 of Jerez de la Frontera: what to do and see DATE: 11 - 18 May 2019 PLACE: Jerez de la Frontera, Spain A land of strong traditions, in which art, history, gastronomy go hand in hand. In Andalusia, in Jerez de la Frontera, an absolutely unmissable party awaits you in May, in [...]