Getting around Augusta by tram and bus. Practical info and tickets

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Thanks to a dense network of connections, getting around Augusta by public transport is quite simple. The vehicles are really efficient, operating from early morning to late evening.

Augsburg - Straßenbahn - Netzplan

Photo, 2009 Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa)


The tram network is highly efficient and represents the means par excellence for moving around Augusta. Inaugurated in the distant 1881, it consists of 5 regular lines and 2 special lines. Königsplatz is the stop connected to all the 5 tram lines. Here, below, the detail of the 5 regular lines:

1 Lechhausen Neuer Ostfriedhof - Göggingen
2 P + R Augsburg West - Haunstetten Nord
3 Stadtbergen - Haunstetten West
4 P + R Augsburg North - Hauptbahnhof
6 Hauptbahnhof - P + R Friedberg West

The trams are in operation every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 04: 40 approximately, until midnight. The frequencies are really significant: during the week, at peak times, you will find trams every 5 minutes. In the evening, moreover, the frequency is 15 minutes.


The road network is also highly efficient, ideal for getting around Augusta and its surroundings. In the city 19 operate different lines, called STADTBUS, identified by the progressive numbers from 21 to 43. To these, the regional buses are added, covering the medium-haul distances: AVV-Regionalbus.

If you want to move around Augusta after midnight, you can use the night service, with NACHTBUS. Keep in mind that, in this case, you will have to buy the special ticket on board the vehicle.


Move to Augusta

There are different types of tickets and season tickets, suitable for all solutions. Worth noting is the interesting AVV-Handyticket. It is a simple APP with which you can buy and use your tickets for public transport. All you have to do is download it from the official stores. It is available in several languages.

Einzelfahrten tickets are valid for a single journey. MINITICKETS are the cheapest tickets, valid for one trip on buses and trams, within one hour of validation. They are the ideal solution to move around the INNER ZONE, occasionally. It costs 1,70 € from 15 years and up, and 1,10 € for children from 6 to 14 years.

Single tickets, on the other hand, are available by area, and are ideal for moving around with multiple vehicles to a certain area. The tickets are always valid for only one direction: you can, in fact, go down and up several times on a vehicle (within the validity period), but it is NOT POSSIBLE to carry out the reverse route. With this ticket, therefore, you will only be able to make a one-way trip. The price, per adult, goes from a minimum of € 1,45 for the first area, to a maximum of € 14,90.

NACHTTICKET is the special ticket for traveling on N1, N2 and N3 night bus lines. Costa 2,70 € per person, for INNER ZONE, and is valid for one trip only. You buy directly on board the vehicle.

I TAGESTICKETS they are the so-called day tickets, available in different types. Tageskarte is a daily ticket with which you can travel from the moment of validation until 15: 00 of the day after the registration. It is available in three different cuts, depending on the zones; the ticket for the central area (INNER ZONE) costs 6,40 € in the single version. You can also purchase a special FAMILY version, at the cost of 8,40 €, valid for one adult and up to 6 children between 6 and 14 years.


All tickets can be purchased at the many vending machines at the main stops. Single tickets and season tickets can be purchased directly on the bus or via the official APP.

For all the info, routes are updates, we recommend the official AVV website, from this link.

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