Augusta. How to get to the city by train, car and plane from Monaco


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Splendid city at the forefront, along the suggestive Romantische Strasse, Augsburg (Augsburg) represents the perfect union between innovation and tradition. A Renaissance city, among the most beautiful in all of Bavaria.

Beautiful monuments and attractions. Magnificent buildings. Beautiful squares. Events and events of international appeal and, of course, good Bavarian cuisine. And, just to not miss anything, great citizens who have given prestige to the city.

So, the ingredients are all there so that a holiday in Augusta does not go unnoticed.




TheFranz Josef Strauss International Airport, It is an excellent base for those wishing to reach Augusta by plane. The airport is just under 90 km from the city, and 28 km from Monaco of Bavaria. It is well connected, with direct flights, with the main European and extra-European destinations.

Directly at the airport, following the appropriate directions, you reach the S-Bahn suburban railway stop. From this, you have to get to München Hauptbahnohf, the Central Railway Station from which the IC trains leave for Augsburg. The journey from the two train stations takes just half an hour. The ticket starts from 14,20 € per adult, e can be purchased directly online.

For all the info about the airport, the airlines and the direct connections, you can consult ours special page from this link.


Augsburg HBF is the Central Railway Station, which serves the Bavarian city. Medium and long distance trains pass through the main German destinations. Numerous Intercity and ICE allow you to reach Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin. The TGV line, departing from Munich, goes as far as Paris, Gare de l'Est.
The ICE Intercity Express train, takes about 6 hours from Berlin to reach the city of Bavaria.

EuroCity and CityNightLine trains arrive in Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg.


An excellent solution to reach Augusta is the bus. Flixbus, a leading company in road transport, offers truly competitive rates for traveling throughout Europe. The quality is really excellent; you will travel on modern vehicles, equipped with all comforts: wide seats, wifi, electrical sockets and air conditioning. All the info from this link.


Augusta can easily be reached by car. Whether you want to get there directly, or make a stop, maybe along the suggestive "Romantic Road". The city is just 80 kilometers from Munich, and 170 km from Nuremberg. From Berlin, the distance of about 600 km, can be filled in less than half a day, making the appropriate breaks.
From Austria, it is about 227, the kilometers that separate it from Salzburg and, beyond 550 from Vienna.

The Italian Milan is far, instead, 470 kilometers. Those traveling by car, in addition to the necessary precautions, do not forget to buy the special marks, where provided.

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