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AT Auckland Transport is the company that manages the transport network on buses, trains and boats in the city. Britomart, in Queen Street, It is the main stop, terminus for trains and ferries. Internal transport, however, is not the best.

The long distances and the complicated organization of the routes make it a far from efficient system; in particular to move outside the city. Often, to get around Auckland, it takes less time to walk than with the Bus!

Tickets and season tickets are valid both on Buses and on Trains. There is a special one HOP Card, that is, a sort of card that allows you to charge prepaid credit with which to travel. You can also request it online on the official website. The single-fare ticket for adults starts at 1NZ $ for the city and is valid for travel by bus and train.
The daily pass for zones A and B costs 16 $, while if you want to include the zone C, you will pay 22 $. The subscription also exists FAMILY DAY PASS with which well 2 adults and up to 4 children travel all day on the means at the cost of 24 $.

All information, schedules and routes are available on the official website.


Photo, 2007 Vardios

Boat connections are widely used in New Zealand. There are really many with which, every day, you can move. Therefore, we invite you to consult the official Ferry Fares link.

With the boats FULLERS FERRY you can reach many destinations like Bayswater, Birkenhead, Devonport, Half Moon Bay, Northcote Point, Stanley Bay e Waiheke paying € 6,10 for the single ride; in addition, you will benefit from the reduced rate if you purchased the HOP CARD (in the latter case you will pay 4,40 €).


Britomart is one of the sub-stations of diesel trains from around the world; a real sorting center for short, medium and long-distance trains. In general, to travel around Auckland and in short distances, the train is never indicated, because it is rather expensive. Therefore, opt for this type of vehicle if you intend to move in the medium or long range.

Generally, we recommend renting a car to travel within New Zealand; being a place that offers views and evocative landscapes, you will always have the opportunity to stop, in case you want it. Or, perhaps, you could voluntarily lose yourself on some dirt road, on the advice of some friend or passer-by, discovering the wildest nature!