The city of Sails.

Auckland is the largest and most populous city in New Zealand, located in the northern area and the main port of the country. Due to its conformation, it has the distinction of having two ports on as many separate sea basins: the Port of Manukau on the Tasman Sea and that of Waitemata on the Pacific Ocean.

Auckland is also one of the most livable cities on the planet. "Mercer", has also positioned it in the 2015, in third place overall in this special ranking.



Few doubts. You can reach Auckland, and New Zealand, exclusively by air.

The airport of Aukland reflects, without doubt, the values ​​and efficiency of the city itself. Equipped with all the services and comforts, it is connected, for the greater part, with different destinations outside Europe. For all practical info and direct connections to the airport, our official page is available from this link.


The connections from the airport to the city are guaranteed by several buses, some of which allow you to reach other New Zealand destinations.

SkyBus it's a great service that connects the airport with the center, and vice versa. The bus leaves from the International Terminal and arrives at Queen Street, with a frequency of 10 minutes at peak times, and 15 or 20 minutes on holidays, Saturdays, Sundays and evenings.
The ticket costs 16NZ $ one way and 28NZ $ round trip; there is also a special Family Rate for 38NZ $ for two adults and up to 3 children. Tickets can be purchased online on the official website, at the kiosks or directly on the bus.
The bus follows two different routes that lead, however, to the same direction; stops at the major accommodation facilities in the city.

380 Airporter, shuttle that connects the airport with Manukau e Onehunga through the Papatoetoe train station. Buses run every day, according to the following times:
Manukau - Airport: Monday to Friday 05: 00 - 22: 50 (Sat, Sun and holidays 06: 00 - 22: 30);
Airport - Manukau: Monday to Friday 05: 00 - 23: 00 (Sat, Sun and holidays 06: 40 - 23: 40);
Onehunga - Airport: Monday to Friday 05: 00 - 20: 05 (Sat, Sun and holidays 08: 10 - 20: 10);
Airport - Onehunga: Monday to Friday 06: 00 - 19: 15 (Sat, Sun and holidays 06: 30 - 08: 20).
Tickets cost 5NZ $ for Manukau and 4,50NZ $ for Onehuga and can be purchased directly on the Bus.