Getting around Athens

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How to get around Athens by metro, bus, tram, suburban trains.

The Greek capital boasts an efficient transport system that connects in a capillary way, the center and the suburbs. Subway, suburban rail, bus and light rail, are valid solutions to move around Athens. The merit must also be attributed to the 2004 Olympic Games, which gave input to a phase of considerable modernization.


Athens_Metro_Map_ (December_2013, _English) .svg

Photo ©, Marianin

The metro line consists of 3 lines, and a total of 65 stations. The work has been rather slow over the years. Not infrequently, during the excavation operations, archaeological finds of a certain importance have been found; for example, the sarcophagus in the current station of Ethniki Amyna and other finds of Roman origin in the station of Larissa and of Evangelismos.

Thus, today, numerous stations display exhibits, so that the metro has become a sort of museum usable by travelers; Syntagma, Monastiraki, Thissio, Akropoli e Panepistimio, the stations have become real galleries!

Regarding the service, each line is identified by a different number and coloration:

1 line, green, Piraeus-Kifisià;
2 line, red, Anthoupoli-Elliniko;
Line 3, blue, Agia Marina-International airport "Eleftherios Venizelos".
STASY is the company that runs the entire metropolitan and tramway network of the city from the 2011.

The 1 Line is active every day from 05: 00 in the morning (first race) to 00: 15 (last run); The 2 and 3 lines are running daily from 05: 30 at midnight, extending the operating hours to 2 at night, every Friday and Saturday.


Proastiakos it is the suburban railway that connects the center, the port and the airport with the suburban areas. It runs for a length of about 50 kilometers, and runs on three main axes: International Airport "El. Venizelos "-Pireo; International Airport "El. Venizelos "-Kiato, according to 05: 30 to 23: 00 approximately; Piraeus-Kiato, active from 05: 25 to 23: 00 approx.
For more information, you can consult the official website from this link.


The tram line, identified on yellow transport maps, is spread over a total of 26 kilometers; connects the center of Athens with the coastal suburbs of Vula and of Neo Fàliro. The efficient line runs from Sunday to Thursday starting from 05: 00 around until midnight; on Fridays and Saturdays, the closure is postponed to 02: 00 approximately.


Athens is a rather busy and chaotic metropolis. For this reason, it is rather easy for the road network to suffer from these problems, especially at peak times. Despite this, it must be said that, in recent years, the network has improved considerably. However, in our opinion, the underground remains the recommended way to travel around Athens.
OASA manages the road network with over 100 buses in service from morning until midnight, to which are added the few night lines in service from 20 to 05 in the morning.

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Getting around Athens by public transport is quite simple, thanks also to the integrated ticket that facilitates travel. The same ticket is valid for any means within the Capital and can be purchased anywhere: tourist offices, information offices, metro stops, railways, trams, and vending machines. Here are the types available:

  • 90 minutes: it is valid only within the vehicle in which it has been obliterated (metro, tram, bus, or suburban railway) and is valid for one and a half hours from stamping. Costa 1,40 €. Please note: the ticket, although the same for all vehicles, does not allow the combined use of the same, and therefore, if you use it the first time in the metro, to use the bus you must necessarily buy another one.
  • DAILY - 24h: it is worth 24 hours from the stamping and has the same operation of the ticket from 90 minutes. Costa 4,00 €.
  • 5 DAY - 5x24h: five tickets from 24 hours each, sold for € 9,00. The speech made for the ticket by 24h is worth. Ideal and economical to move around Athens.
  • 3 DAY TOURIST: a subscription that allows you to make UNLIMITED journeys on all means of the city for 72 hours from the first validation. It costs 22,00 € but, moreover, it gives you the right to take advantage of a metro3 ride and one of the airport bus!

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