Asterix Park
Practical information on the Asterix Park, north of Paris. Hours, tickets


All about the Park


The Asterix Park is an amusement park located in Picardy, in the commune of Plailly, about 35 kilometers north of Paris. It was inaugurated in the 1989.

Obviously, it is inspired by the mythical comic book created by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny, Asterix le Gaulois. The attractions, all really beautiful, are inspired by the mythical characters, and suitable for all age groups. It is one of the most loved theme parks in France. Ideal for an escape from Paris, with your whole family. But also for a day in pairs or with your friends.

Beautiful, fun and less chaotic than Disneyland, it will easily break through your heart and your little ones. For a pleasant day with your children ... between the Gauls and the Romans.


The Asterix Park is open from the 31 March to the 04 November 2018, from the 10: 00 to the 18: 00. These times are subject to change depending on particular dates, events and days of the year.

On Saturday, and often in Summer, the closure can be postponed to 22: 00. During some special events, such as Halloween, the park remains open until 01: 00 at night. In this case, it is necessary to purchase a special special ticket, valid from 19: 00.

From June to August, the park is open every day, from Monday to Sunday. In the other months, it is open on weekends and on special days. Except for exceptions, the park is closed from 05 November 2018 to 29 March 2019.

Asterix Park

Photo ©, David Jafra


The standard ticket costs 49.00 €. It applies to adults and children aged 12 up, regardless of height. Children aged 3 up to 11 years, pay the reduced rate equal to 41.00 €. You can buy tickets without commissions, from the comfort of home, from this link. You will avoid the long lines at the ticket offices.

People with reduced mobility can purchase an admission ticket for € 39.00. On the other hand, an accompanying person can enter with a special ticket from 26.00 €. These tickets can only be purchased at the ticket offices, upon presentation of a document confirming their invalidity.


Inside the Park, you will find numerous dining options and bars. The toilets are easily identifiable: 10 is present throughout the area. Not far from the entrance, you will find a first aid area. The Relais Bebe area is located between the "Le Chemin des Sorciers" and "La Maison de la Peur" attractions.


The best time to visit the Asterix park is in June and, in particular, at the beginning of the month, when schools are still open. In this case, booking from Monday to Thursday, you will find few rows of attractions. The shows are quite entertaining, and you'll be spoiled for choice. Typically, they last around the 20 minutes. For fans, and not only, we recommend the dolphin show. And, of course, the meeting with Asterix and Obelix. Photo, of course, for a fee!

For those wishing to avoid the queues to the attractions, you can buy the PASS RAPIDUS, which allows you to have priority access to certain attractions (not all!). You will have to account for € 30 per person, to be added to the admission price; in our opinion, it is excessive. Arm yourself with patience and ... be in a row. Especially if you plan to visit it during the weekend!

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