Getting around Antiparos

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Getting around Amorgos by public transport, car, scooter and bike

Gthanks to its shape, small and relatively flat, you can move to Antiparos by scooter, car, bus and even by bicycle.


The best way to start discovering the wonderful island of the Cyclades archipelago.

Thanks to its reduced extension, the best and recommended method to move for Antiparos is definitely the scooter. Suffice it to say that the maximum length, from north to south, is only 11 kilometers; and, the whole area, does not exceed 40 kilometers.

The scooter is perfect for moving around Antiparos even on small slopes. The highest point on the island, St. Elias, is 308 meters above sea level. Reason why, an 50cc could also be sufficient.

By this means, you can reach every point of interest, including the beautiful beaches. And of course you can easily move between Antiparos and nearby Paros.

Fuel should not be a problem. You will find it, at a slightly higher price, also on sale at some rental agencies. You should find a distributor along the way from the Port to the small village of Kampos. Our advice is to make sure you always have a full tank before reaching your destination.


Although the two wheels are preferable, the car can also be a good solution for moving around Antiparos.

The roads that reach the main beaches and points of interest are paved and generally in good condition. The car, of course, is recommended for families with young children.


The Bus - Moving for Antiparos

Photo, 2005 SNappa2006

There are only two lines that operate on the island. A line carries out service between the Port of Antiparos and Cave. The other line, however, connects the port with the beaches of Panayia, Glyfa, Apantima, Soros, Ayios Yeorgios.

Public transport is managed by the Greek KTEL. The ticket can be purchased directly on board the vehicle, at the cost of € 1,80 per person.


Moving around Antiparos by bike is a responsible, ecological and economic choice. And above all, possible. As said, Antiparos has a fairly small extension. At the port, you will find numerous Bike Rental agencies.

There are no taxis on the island.

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