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Stuttgart Wine Festival, from August 28 to 08 September 2019

Relax, sun, sea and a lot of history.

Antiparos is a small Greek island located in the heart of the Cyclades archipelago, less than 1 nautical mile from the best known Paros.
Once upon a time on the larger island, it was considered a simple appendix, or a place suitable for a daily excursion.

Today, this small island has managed to carve out a leading role. So much so as to be chosen as a place for an alternative holiday to mass tourism in Paros.

Wonderful beaches. Ancient mysterious caves. Historical places, which tell of ancient civilizations. Atmospheres and landscapes in perfect Cycladic style, with typical white and blue houses and narrow and paved streets. The courtyards and flower gardens with wonderful bougainvilleas. All this, preserving the genuineness and typicality of the past.

The kitchen, is another flagship, with fresh and genuine products. There are many activities to do, of course, a relative tranquility that is impossible to enjoy in the nearby Paros. Here, the many reasons, why today thousands of tourists choose this small island to spend their holidays.



Photo, 2009 Chris Booth

By plane, or ship, you must always stop at Paros and, from the latter, reach the small neighboring island by sea.


Paros International Airport, it is connected with direct seasonal flights, with different Greek and European destinations.

From the airport, you can reach the capital by bus. The ticket costs 1,80 € per person, and you can buy directly on board. Once you reach Parikia, you can take a boat directly or reach Pounda.


From April to October, from the port of Parikia to Paros, numerous daily connections are guaranteed, through "karavakia". These are small boats that only carry people. The service acts as a shuttle between the two ports, every day. The crossing lasts around 30 'and the price is 5,00 € per person.

Alternatively, you can reach the small port of Pounta, or Pounda, and take the ferry to Antiparos. This solution is suitable for those who want to transport their own car or scooter. The crossing takes just 7 minutes.
Ferries operate daily, including weekends and holidays, from 07: 00 to 23: 30 approximately.

Keep in mind that Antiparos does not lack agencies for car and scooter hire.

The ticket can be purchased directly on the ship. The rate is € 1,30 per person, per single way. The fare to embark the car, or the bike, varies depending on the vehicle.

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