Metro, bus, tram, ferry: getting around Amsterdam is really easy. The Dutch GVB operates an efficient integrated transport system that allows you to reach every corner of the city. Center, suburbs and even the surrounding areas are easily accessible.


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Photo, 2016 Thomas Krause

The Metro network is extremely efficient. It is undoubtedly the ideal means of transport to move around Amsterdam. Currently the network consists of 4 lines, associated with different numbers and colors. Three of the four lines leave from Amsterdam Centraal, the Central Railway Station.

The four active lines are: Ring Line (50 line, green); Amstelveen Line (51 line, orange); Gaasperplas Line (53 line, red); Gein Line (54 line, yellow). The metro is active every day with the following times:

  • Monday to Friday, from 05: 45 to 00: 15 approx.
  • Saturday, from 06: 12 to 00: 12.
  • Sundays and holidays, from 07: 15 alo 00: 15 approximately.

More information on the official website of the Company.


You can move around Amsterdam by bus thanks to the numerous lines on the road, in service from morning to night. The traditional lines that operate from early morning to 23: 00 approximately, are numbered from 15 to 69; are 25 lines on buses that connect the various districts of the city, from the center to the suburbs.

Ten bus lines, however, are active every day, including Sundays and holidays, during the night. These are the 748, 752, 753, 754, 755, 757, 758, 759, 761, 763 lines. Night lines run after midnight until 7: 00 in the morning. On weekdays, they take one hour; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the frequency is 30 minutes. On night lines, you need to buy a different ticket.

Buses, therefore, are the ideal solution to move around Amsterdam and surroundings at any time.

Regional buses, managed by Connexxion, operate exclusively in extra-urban and regional areas; these are the 199, 241, 242, 310, 346 lines. More info, on the official website from this link.


Eight lines, running from early morning to midnight, numbered from 1 to 26. The tramway line, like the metro, is highly efficient. Recommended for moving around Amsterdam; you can admire the beauty of the city, comfortably seated on board one of the 8 trams.


Move to Amsterdam

How not to admire one of the most beautiful cities, if not looking at it from one of the many boats that run through the waters of the Amstel? GVB, allows you to move between one shore and another on board boats (ferry-boat). The 900, 901, 902, 903, 905, 906, 907, 909, 910, 911, 912, 913, 914, and 915 lines will allow you to admire the city from another perspective.

Lines generally allow you to move from one side of the city to another. We recommend that you take a leap. Active, every day, from 06: 00 in the morning until midnight. It's really a fascinating experience to get around Amsterdam.


Tickets are available in various cuts ranging from one hour, one day, up to the advantageous weekly rate. In Amsterdam you travel armed with the OV-Chipkaart (a magnetic card) that can be personalized (P card), anonymous (A card) or disposable (D card). It is a card to be recharged with the desired ticket (pay as you go, daily, weekly, etc.); has a cost of about € 7 and a validity of five years.

Anyone who wants to travel to Amsterdam on a regular basis can find daily tickets convenient. Available in different types, they allow unlimited travel on all vehicles, depending on the chosen cuts. The ticket from 24h costs 7,50 €; from 48h, costs 12,50 €; from 72h, 17,00 €; from 96h, costs 22,00 €; from 120h, costs 27,00 €; from 144h, costs 31,00 € and finally, the weekly version, costs 34,00 €

To travel on night buses, you need to buy a special ticket from 4,50 €. This ticket is valid on all night lines. Tough 90 'from the time it was validated. It can be purchased on board the vehicle, in paper version. If you are in a group, or if you want to use the night lines often, you can buy tickets for 12 tickets. It costs 34,00 € and includes 12 night-time tickets.

Kanoa recommends the AMSTERDAM CARD if you want to visit many attractions and travel with unlimited public transport. The card from 4 days is rather convenient. Thanks to this special card, you can travel on the entire GVB-managed transport network and visit the main museums and attractions of Amsterdam.

There will be special gifts and discounts and detailed maps of the city at the time of purchase. The city card is available in four different types:

  • City Card from 24h: 57 €.
  • City card 48h: 67 €.
  • City card 72h: 77 €.
  • 92h City Card: 87 €.

For all the info, you can consult the official website from this link.

We do not recommend moving by car to the city; moreover, it is often a challenge to find free parking. Taxis are quite expensive. Who does not want to use public transport, can opt for an "eco-friedly" solution like a bike. Amsterdam, like many other Capitals, is well organized, thanks to numerous cycle paths and rental agencies. The two-wheeler can be a great alternative to move around Amsterdam.