Getting around Alba Iulia

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Getting around Alba Iulia in Transylvania, by plane, by bike, by taxi

In the city we move on foot. To reach the surrounding areas and the suburbs, you can use the efficient buses or, alternatively, the bike.

For those who want to move to Alba Iulia in the evening and, above all, at night, it is advisable to use taxis. Rates are not excessive. You can obtain information at the property where you are staying.


The two-wheeler is always a very popular means to move in Alba Iulia and, more generally, throughout Romania.
Ecological, practical and rather economical, it allows you to reach every corner of the city, following your own pace and schedule.

I Relax is an efficient bike sharing system, active in 7 cities in Romania, including Alba Iulia, Brasov and Sibiu.
At Piata Uniri in Alba Iulia, there is the I'Velo counter to take your bike. You only have to register your document and pay the amount for the time required. After use you simply have to deliver the bike, paying the difference for any delay.

The cost of the rental for one hour is 6LEI. Two hours, 10 LEI. 24 hours, 30LEI.
The service is free for children aged 14 and 16 years.
Free, however, for under 14, provided they are accompanied by a paying adult. In this case, each adult can accompany a maximum of two children.


The taxi is a great compromise to move in Alba Iulia. The maximum rates applied are 2.2LEI per kilometer. Lower fares are also sometimes applied. Check the price in advance and always choose cars that display signs, license and with a taximeter.
In crush, the drivers speak Romanian is an understandable English.

Move to Alba Iulia


Societatea de Transport Public Alba Iulia (STP) is the company that manages the public transport network in the city.
The road service is among the most efficient in Transylvania.
Buses, modern and comfortable, equipped almost all with air conditioning, allow you to move in Alba Iulia, from the center to the suburbs.
Moreover, by bus you can go as far as Poiana Galli, and other more distant villages.

The buses, all red, are always identified by 3 numbers. The first digit always indicates the tariff zone. To move to Alba Iulia, you will only use buses from 101 to 123.
In the center, buses are generally in service from 05: 00 to 22: 30. Times and frequencies, however, vary depending on the days and the line.
On average, two buses run every hour, on weekdays. Frequency that reduces during the weekend.


To travel on public transport, a zone tariff system is used. In total, there are 7 tariff zones. Generally, for those wishing to move exclusively in the city center and in the neighboring districts, it will be sufficient to buy tickets for the 1 Tariff Area.
Here, below, prices and types of tickets to move in the 1 Zone:

  • Bilete. It allows you to make a trip by bus. Costa 2.5LEI per person.
  • Absolutely 1 zi. Unlimited travel on all lines of the 1 Zone, at the cost of 11LEI per person.
  • Absolutely zyl 5. Subscription valid for 5 days from the first validation. Offers unlimited bus access at the cost of 20LEI.
  • Absolutely zyl 7. Same features as the previous one, with a duration of 7 days is a cost of 22LEI per person.

In the city, it is possible to pay for the trip through a system via SMS. The traditional paper ticket is definitely more practical for tourists and visitors. You can easily buy it at the automatic machines, points of sale that display the STP brand and on board the vehicle.

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