Ajaccio and Corsica



Getting around Ajaccio by public transport

How to Move Ajaccio Station 2012 Photo, 2012 Nils Öberg

TCA, Short for Transport en Commun d'Ajaccio, manages the public road transport system within the city and in some neighboring villages. Les Salines e Gold Field, are also the stations of Ajaccio avi from the suburban line managed by SNCF.


You can move around Ajaccio thanks to the 13 urban lines that circulate within the municipality. Of these, the 8 line operates from the airport to the central station, and the 9 line goes to the hospital.

Buses are generally on duty every day from Monday to Saturday from morning to around 20 and on Sunday from 08 to around 19. To find out the exact timetables of each individual line, we invite you to consult the official website from this link.

The TCA company manages the transport system of the municipality; he also takes care of public transport within the villages belonging to the Communauté d'Agglomération du Pays Ajaccien, known as CAPA: Afa, Alata, Appietto, Cuttoli-Corticchiato, Peri, Sarrola-Carcopino, Tavaco, Valle di Mezzana and Villanova. I'm 8 le Lignes Villages which serve these municipalities, of which 4 (TAD: Transport a Demande) available by reservation by calling the appropriate free number. More info on the official website, from this link.


The single-ride ticket TICKET UNITÉ, costs 1,00 € and is valid for an entire journey without making connections, and does not apply to the 8 line. It can be purchased directly by bus. Ideal to move around Ajaccio in complete tranquility. There 10 VOYAGES CARDS is a carnet from 10 single tickets at the cost of 8,00 €, on sale at the TCA branches and offices.

Then there are the PASS, or subscriptions, which allow you to make unlimited travel on buses based on your choice. The PASS JOURNÉE, allows unlimited use of buses (except LINE 8) for a whole day and costs 3,00 €; the PASS WEEKinstead, it is valid for a whole week, on all buses except the 8 line, and costs 10,00 €. Il TICKET AÉROPORT, is valid exclusively on the 8 line from the Napoleon Bonaparte airport to the central railway station Gare d'Ajaccio. It costs 4,50 €, applies to a return trip and can be used within 2 hours of validation.


Corsica Vizzavona _-_-_-_ _ _ train_station train_entering_the_tunnel _-_ panoramio Photo, 2007 jeffwarder

Chemins de Fer de la Corse, is the railway line that connects Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, Casamozza, Mezzana and Ile Rousse. For all information regarding tickets, timetables and routes, we invite you to consult our special on HOW TO MOVE IN CORSICA.

La Périurbaine Ajaccienne it consists of only one section, connecting the centers of Ajaccio and Mezzana; tickets cost from 2 to 4 €

In the image, the railway line in operation is red; the blue line indicates, instead, the old line of the eastern coast, definitively abandoned in the years 50 following the heavy destruction of the second world war.

For all the info, consult the official website from this link.