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All about the boarding and check in procedure with Wizz Air

Check in with Wizz Air is really easy, simple and fast.

You can do it from the comfort of your home, online, or through the official app for Android and iOS devices.
You can check in with Wizz Air, even at the airport. However, the method is not recommended as there is a surcharge.


Easy, simple and cheap.
Online check-in is available 30 days before the departure of your flight, in case you have bought the seat. If you do not have an assigned seat, you can check in online 48 before departure of the outward flight, e 15 days before the return flight.

From mobile, by downloading the official app, you can have your boarding pass directly on the device. Otherwise you can print it. Just present it at the boarding gates, along with the identification documents.

If you have baggage to be loaded in the hold, you must present at least 40 'in advance at the check-in counters, to deliver them to the staff.

At the airports of Corfu, Palma de Mallorca and Zaragoza, and for the route from Dubai to Budapest, it is not possible to check in online, but only at the airport; in this case, the cost will be free.

Boarding and check in with Wizz Air


Unless otherwise indicated, check in with Wizz Air, at the airport, involves the payment of a supplement ranging from a minimum of € 10.00 to a maximum of € 30.00 per person, per way. A drain!


By purchasing the PRIORITY BOX option, you will have the possibility to be called first, during the boarding phase. A special place will be assigned, usually at the back of the bus. The rear doors will be opened first, giving the possibility to get on the aircraft first.

The option, purchased online, costs from 5 to € 10.00 per person, per single leg. At the airport, the option price is € 25.00 per passenger!
Free for all members of the family traveling with at least one child under the age of 2.

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