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Guide and practical information on boarding and check in with Air France

Here below, some valuable information on the boarding procedure and check in with Air France.


The online procedure for checking in with Air France is simple and intuitive. You can use the site, or the official app.
To proceed with online check-in, you will only need the booking code. You can do it from 30 hours before the departure of your flight.
If you are traveling with hold baggage, during the procedure, you can also print your own label for the suitcase; this will streamline waiting times.
At the end of the procedure, you will receive your boarding pass which you can download on the phone, or via e-mail, and print in your own home. Alternatively, you can print it at the airport in one of the interactive terminals.


At the airport, on the other hand, you will have the 24 hours on 24, the interactive terminals; from here, you can print your boarding pass and the hold baggage label.
At the interactive terminals at the airport, you can also make changes to the flight, or purchase options and extras.


Boarding and check in Air France

If you are traveling with only hand baggage, you must present yourself at the gate with your boarding pass and ID. If you have one or more hold baggage, or sports equipment, you must present yourself at the appropriate desks. If you are traveling with animals, introduce yourself in advance, in order to make it easier to check the documents and certificates of your four-legged friend.


Air France recommends that you always arrive at least two hours in advance of the flight departure time. The check in with Air France closes, almost always, 40 minutes before the flight.
The boarding procedure, however, always takes place 20 minutes before the departure of the flight. All flights from Orly to France are an exception; in this case, the limit is 15 minutes.
Priority in the procedure will always be given to people with reduced mobility.

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