Change Air France tickets

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Guide and practical information on how to modify Air France tickets

When traveling, the unexpected is around the corner. For example, you may need to change Air France tickets at the last minute.
Maybe, a change of time. Or destination.
Whatever your reason for changing Air France tickets, here you will find the answers and all your questions. And above all, the costs. Because, obviously, it must be worth it. In fact, it could happen that the costs to modify Air France tickets are higher than the price of a new coupon!


You can get your ticket back if you purchased the FLEX fare. Only this, in fact, provides for the reimbursement of the ticket price.
The procedure is available after more than 2 days, and less than 12 months, from the purchase. You do not need a boarding pass. In this case, you can carry out the modification procedure with the payment of the related expenses.
Any service charges will not be reimbursed.
Reimbursement can not be obtained for Economy Light and Standard fares.


Change Air France tickets

Pay utmost attention not to commit transcription errors when booking a flight.
In fact, Air France does not allow the names of the tickets to be changed. In this case, if provided by your ticket, you can make the change, paying any supplements.

In the case of spelling errors, however, it is advisable to contact the French company's Customer Care directly.


The Standard and Flex fares allow you to modify Air France tickets, paying any commissions, according to what is established.
You will have the possibility to make changes on the route, time, date, destination.
The change is free with FLEX rate tickets.
With standard fare, however, you have to pay a specific commission per person for each leg. The price varies depending on the route.
In any case, you must always pay the difference in the rate.
Economy Light tickets do not allow any modification.

It is always advisable, therefore, to avoid changing your flight close to departure: the price will probably be leavened ... and not a little!
Kanoa advises, in any case, to always stipulate a policy that offers you the right coverage for all your needs. More info are available on our official page.


Among the most interesting options, available with the FLEX tariff, there is a change in the same day. On the day of travel, you can decide to take a flight before, or after the scheduled time, without paying the supplement. Of course, based on the available seats.

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