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Practical information, companies and connections to Brac Airport

The airport of Brac is a small airport, located in the homonymous Croatian island, near the town of Bol, 30 kilometers away from Supetar, the main town on the island. This is the most recent airport in all of Croatia, inaugurated in 1993.

The Brac airport is about 540m above sea level and has a single Terminal, inside which you will find the basic services. The wifi line is free within the structure.

His only track, in the 2017, was brought to 1760 meters. A further extension, up to just over the 2300 meters, is expected in the 2018.

The rather low air traffic is limited to seasonal flights only. Here is a list of the main companies and direct connections * with Brac Airport:

Adria Airways: Ljubljana.
Croatia Airlines: Graz, Zagreb.
Czech Airlines: Innsbruck, Linz, Vienna.
Luxair: Luxembourg.
Mistral Air: Bari, Naples.
SkyWork Airlines: Bern.
TUI fly Belgium: Brussels, Deauville.
TUI fly Netherlands: Rotterdam.

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Brac Airport, Tower of Brac Airport 2011

Photo, 2011 Waerfelu

There is no public transport that allows you to move from the airport to the island, and vice versa. Outside the Arrivals Terminal, you will find the taxi station.

Taxis are only available in conjunction with flight schedule.

Alternatively, you could see if the property you were staying in offers a transfer service to / from the airport.

* The list is subject to change. All links, updated, are available on the official website

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Map of Brac airport

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