All the info to get to Abu Dhabi from Italy by plane.



History, Culture, Adventure ... Abu Dhabi overlooking the crystalline Persian Gulf, and mainly owes its Economy to the oil industry; less glistening than the world-famous Dubai but no less fascinating, with ancient historical artifacts dating back to the III Millennium. These elements make it a destination for all tastes.

Abu Dhabi è in continuo progresso: impossibile annoiarsi, tra un safari di notte, una partita di golf, un tuffo nel suo bellissimo mare; non mancano neppure i momenti per lo shopping, con i sontuosi Mall (i centri commerciali) a disposizione dei visitatori. Qui si fanno le cose in grande… tanto da creare il World Ferrari, one of the largest park in the world, dedicated to the Mito Ferrari; this and much more in Abu Dhabi Emirate everything to live !!


Etihad Airways has its base of operations at Abu Dhabi International Airport; the prestigious airline connects Italy with direct flights from the cities of: Milan Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino and Venice. For offers and information, we invite you to click on the following link:Deals Page Italy

Direct flights from Italy could also be operated by Alitalia, or by the main Italian cities with stopovers at Fiumicino or Malpensa, and then directed to Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is about 35 Km from the city center; you can reach the city center in 2 ways:

1)A1 bus che serve tutti e tre i Terminal e ferma in pieno centro, in prossimità di Abu Dhabi Mall. Il servizio funziona H24 con partenze ogni 30 minuti in base alla fascia oraria; il tempo di percorrenza è di 45 minuti/1 ora. Da sottolineare che nonostante questa tipologia di trasporto sia un poXCHARX snobbata, a nostro avviso è piuttosto efficiente ed economica.

2) You can choose between taxi a tassametro e le limousines a tariffa fissa; i cartelli per raggiungerli sono chiari. I taxi a tassametro, sono meno cari delle limousines. Per andare fino alla Corniche od alla Tourist Club Area, il prezzo è di circa 70/80 AED.
The limousines have a fixed tariff depending on the destination, at the terminal 1 or 3 the fares are displayed on the sides of the sidewalk.

Kanoa ricorda che Abu Dhabi dista 150 Km da Dubai, circa 2 ore di auto: visitarle entrambe, quindi, è una opzione estremamente valida.

There is also a transfer by bus to Dubai / Abu Dhabi and vice versa.

The coaches that make the service are known as Emirates Express, belong to the RTA of Dubai that operates in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport.

I prezzi variano tra i 20 e 30 AED.


The time zone is + 4 'compared to Italy.

The electric current is 220 and 240 volt, 50Hz. The most common spines are of the tripolar square type.

The currency of the United Arab Emirates is the Dirham (AED), divided into 100 fils. In the United Arab Emirates there are no regulations on money, and all the major foreign currencies are accepted for exchange at banks and major hotels. The change in Dirham to the US dollar is fixed. The best exchange rates are offered by the money changers that are located on the territory, in particular in the souks and shopping centers. The main credit cards are accepted everywhere. ATMs are available throughout the country. Banks are generally open from Saturday to Thursday from 8: 00 to 13: 00, and some from 16: 00 to 20: 30.

Advice for Women
Although it is liberal, try to dress in a traditional way out of respect for the local culture of the Emirates. Once outside Abu Dhabi, a more conservative attitude prevails. Do not wear tight-fitting or low-cut clothes and always sit in the back seat in taxis. In banks, in Etisalat offices (the national telephone company), in post offices and in libraries there are usually separate areas or branches for women - ideal when there is a queue. In small Arab and Indo-Pakistani restaurants you will often be accompanied in the 'family room'. You will not be obliged to sit down here, but the room will offer you a shelter from the looks of men.

SE DOVESTE ANDARE IN SPIAGGIA, tenete presente che alle donne è permesso il classico Bikini, mentre è fatto assoluto divieto, invece, per topless e tanga.

Men must absolutely avoid wearing panty suits: a classic beach boxer can go just fine.

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