Getting around in Thessaloniki

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Getting around in Thessaloniki by car, taxi, bus. Info, timetables and tickets

Public transport is fairly organized and is a good solution for getting around Thessaloniki. Who, instead, wanted to stay in the center, moving less frequently in the more peripheral areas, can opt for taxis. The car is not, in our opinion, the ideal vehicle, with some exceptions.


The public transport system is operated by the Greek company OASTH which consists of more than 600 vehicles, including buses and trolley buses. There are, in total, around 80 lines that operate between the center, the suburbs and neighboring areas. By bus, with the 78 line, you can also reach the nearby Makedonia / Thessaloniki airport. Other lines operate for the Central Railway Station, the port terminal from which ferries depart for the Greek islands, or the Halkidiki bus station.
With the suburban lines, however, you can reach the main destinations of the region of Macedonia.

The 50 line, identified as CULTURAL, carries out an itinerary through the main points of interest of the city. A sort of Low Cost Citysightseeing. More info from here.

Buses, generally, are in service starting from 05: 00 in the morning, up to 22: 30 approx. The frequencies vary according to the time, settling between the 10 and the 15 minutes during peak times, for the main lines. On Sundays and holidays, the frequencies expand enormously.

After midnight, some special lines are active, identified by the letter N. The N98 and N99 lines, start at 01: 55 and at 03: 20, from Amaxostasio Foinika e Amaxostasio Stavroupolis. The N78 line, on the other hand, operates night service to / from the airport.

How to Move in Thessaloniki


For people with reduced mobility and disabled people, 3 buses are available every day, which operate regularly within the city. Buses run every day from Monday to Friday from 06: 00 to 22: 00; Saturday, Sunday and holidays, from 07: 00 to 23: 00.

The service is free. It is mandatory to call the day before use, providing the data of the disabled person. In this way, even the disabled can move in Thessaloniki without any difficulty. informations about official page.


Rates vary, exclusively, based on the number of vehicles used, and not based on distance. Only for the 50, 78, 78N and Intercity Bus terminal line, you need to purchase the special ticket for the cost of 2.00 € per adult and reduced 1.00 €.

Il SINGLE TRIP TICKET allows you to make a single bus journey. Costs 1.00 € per adult and 0.50 € reduced.
Il TWO TRIPS 70 MINUTES, allows you to make two bus journeys, within 70 minutes of the first validation. Always remember to validate the ticket on both buses. It is important to know that the journey must end in the 70 minutes from the first validation. Costs 1.20 € per adult and 0.60 € reduced.
Il THREE TRIPS 90 MINUTES costs € 1.50 per adult and € 0.80 reduced. You can make 3 moves within 90 minutes of the first validation.
Il FOUR TRIPS 120 MINUTESinstead, it costs € 2.00 per adult and € 1.00 reduced. You can make 4 moves within 120 minutes of the first validation.

Subscriptions, on the other hand, allow unlimited travel on all means of transport in Thessaloniki, including the 50, 78, 78N and Intercity Bus terminal lines. The ONE MONTH version for adult costs 30.00 €, while reduced costs 15.00 €. Ideal to move in Thessaloniki in the case of medium and long-term holidays.


For those who want to move to Thessaloniki sporadically, the taxi is the ideal solution. Taxis are not too expensive and, if you are in a group, the difference with the buses is not exorbitant. Quite the contrary.

It is generally advisable to book a taxi directly at the reception of your hotel. At the airport, you will find numerous taxis ready to welcome you; the price for the trip to the center costs between € 20 and € 30. Always check the rate beforehand, especially if you already find a guest in the vehicle.

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