St. Petersburg

"St. Petersburg is the most abstract and premeditated city in the whole Earth globe". Thus he defined it, the great Dostoevsky in the 1864 in one of his books (Memorie dal Sottosuolo).

The great Russian genius called it a sad and gloomy city. In our opinion, today, St. Petersburg is a vibrant, young and extremely fascinating city; a destination to visit at least once in your life!

Entirely built on water, it is Russia's second city after Moscow; it was built in 1703 by Peter the Great, representing a real "window to the west". Thanks to its precious geographical position it is one of the most important ports in the world; make it a unique city, absolutely worth living.

St. Petersburg is one of the most cultured and fascinating cities in Europe; thanks to a prestigious architecture and some of the most important theaters in the world, able even to inspire writers of the caliber of Puškin and Dostoevsky. It is undoubtedly an almost niche destination, with a very lively and surprising cultural life!

Kanoa recommends planning your trip in this during the summer months. In June, July or August, you can admire the white nights. This phenomenon, particularly evident in June, is absolutely unique and extraordinary, with the sunset that meets the sunrise. Absolutely amazing!



St. Petersburg Airport

Pulkovo is the international airport serving the city of St. Petersburg. located at 16 km south of the city. Until April 1973 was called Shossejnaja Airport.

Passenger terminals are 2. The flights operated by the Russian companies transit at the 1 Led; first of all Aeroflt, very active in Europe and in the rest of the world.

At 2 Led, however, all other airlines transit, including: air berlin, Lufthansa, British, Iberia, Klm, Air France, Swiss Air, Korean, Nippon, Emirates and others. Meridiana and Alitalia are the two carriers that offer direct connections with Italy. Through this link, you can search for the flight at the cheapest rate.

From Italy it is also possible to reach St. Petersburg with flights that call in the major European cities.

To reach the St. Petersburg Center, kanoa advises to use the direct bus No. 39 serving between the Pulkovo 2 and Pulkovo 1 terminals. A night service bus is also active. Both buses take to the station Moskovskaya, distant 22 minutes by metro from the city center.

Alternatively, just outside the Terminals, you could opt for a Taxi; the journey to reach the center takes about 30 minutes. Obviously, compared to the bus, the costs rise not a little!

The train station Moskovskij it is found at Ploshad 'Vosstanja; rail links with other nations are efficient and frequent.

From Italy, Kanoa recommends starting from Venice, reaching Vienna or Berlin and then St. Petersburg. The city is also connected to Moscow, thanks to the very famous and historic Trans-Siberian Railway.

Because of its location, St. Petersburg is very far from Italy; from Venice, traveling all over Eastern Europe, the kilometers are 2.450. It is a path, however exciting, quite difficult.

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