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The essential items to bring during your holiday


Indispensable objects

How many times are we going to leave and we are beset by a thousand doubts?

Contemplate your wife's trolley and ask yourself how much weights. What will have done, a move? Can the Scottish suitcase that your grandfather gave you be carried on board the plane? And if, on the other hand, you suddenly unload your smartphone, you are prepared for the tragic (! ??) eventuality?

In the Essential section, we have tried to put together the best offers found on the web. The best proposals at the best price, you can find on the most well-known online auction site in the world.


A fantastic device with really small dimensions and a ridiculously low price. Once purchased, it will become your faithful traveling companion. It could save you a lot of money at the check-in counter! Extremely low in weight and size, it is generally able to withstand a weight of up to 40 kg.

Really intuitive operation. The device rests on the suitcase using a hook; once the baggage has been lifted, the weight will appear on the display. Through this link you can buy one of the best items in its category: Luxebell. The object stands out in its category for the backlit display, the temperature sensor, the self-focus. In addition, it weighs up to 50 kg and has a lifetime warranty !!

Obviously, before giving the baggage to the check-in desk, consider a minimum tolerance. The employees will hardly be tolerant in case of excess. Buy the scale weighs LUXEBELL suitcases at special prices, from this link.


When traveling with Los-cost companies, one of the biggest concerns is hand baggage. In particular, if you have booked a flight for a weekend or a short trip. Too often, at check-in, it happens that a piece of luggage is boarded in the hold only for a few centimeters. Difference anything but negligible, considering the costs that s is then forced to pay.

Through this link we have assembled all RyanAir and EasyJet certified hand luggage; that is, some of the most popular Low Cost companies. Obviously, prices vary according to quality.


A small and fantastic travel companion "all in one", pocketable and extremely practical. At the modest sum of 10 euro, you can buy this small oneUniversal Travel Adapter with 2 USB ports and compatible sockets for more than 180 countries. Wherever you go, you will no longer have problems charging. America, England, Canada, and many other countries.

Buy this fantastic SURWELL adapter at a special price, from this link.

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