All in One World Travel Adapter


The essential in your suitcase!

Africa, Asia, Australia, United Kingdom, North America, some areas of South America: have you planned a trip to one of these areas? So, this adapter is the right solution because it will allow you to charge your devices in more than 150 countries
Thanks to the different 4 standard plugs with which it is supplied, the Luxebell Universal Dual USB AC Adapter is compatible with most countries in Africa, most of Asia, Australia, most of Europe, the United Kingdom, and most part of North America, and some parts of South America.

Luxebell All in One World Travel Adapter it is an intuitive and very easy to use adapter: there is a small button that scrolls horizontally, which allows the desired plug to come out in case of need; in addition, the built-in blue LED indicator allows you to see when the adapter is ready to be used.


A small and extremely practical accessory that does not take up much space in your suitcase and avoids having to bring along a myriad of adapters. It is very manageable, thanks to the hidden plugs and, above all, rather light. In addition, supplied, there is a case to keep it.

IMPORTANT: The AC power port does not convert the voltage. It is necessary to make sure that the devices are able to manage voltages from 100V to 125V and from 240V to 250V standard

Dimensions: 6.4 × 6.2 × 5.8 cm
Weight: 59 g
Material: plastic coating
Compatible sockets: US EU UK.

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