Power Bank

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Guide and purchase at special prices of the best powerbank for travel


Power Bank

The inevitable accessory!

Of the many technological objects of common use, a place of honor is certainly the prerogative of the Powerbank. When some time ago I saw one, I immediately thought of the absurdity of that gadget, so ridiculous, heavy and cumbersome. Today, however, there are all tastes, colors and needs; small, pocket size, with integrated flashlight, fashion .... To each his Powerbank. Today it has become an indispensable accessory; between smartphones, tablets, e-readers, you never stop reloading. And think, for example, about utility during long journeys where you do not have an electrical outlet handy!

Below, some of the best quality-price, starting from one fundamental thing in helping you choose: functionality. In our opinion it is absolutely useless to take a powerbank from 20000 mAh. The object, in fact, was created to compensate for a temporary shortage. Just load it in order to continue using your smartphone at the moment. Obviously, there are people who need to have 20000mAh, or even more. Another thing to keep in mind: in addition to size, charging a Powerbank from 10000 mAh requires many more hours of an 2000; let alone, having to upload one from 20000 !!!


With a slim & elegant design and a thickness of just 17mm, it fits easily in your pocket or bag.

Very convenient to recharge the phone, and keep the device in your pocket. Its 7000mAh, allow almost two full refills of your smartphone.

Available in different colors, with prices that sometimes start from just 7,99 €. In our opinion, one of the best in the category, for quality-price.

Buy the Puridea S5 Ultra Compact 7000, at a special price, from this link


One of the goodies of the wireless era. The WOFALO 10000mAh, is a fantastic 2 object in 1, with function Qi Battery Charger and Power Bank Design.

A Qi Battery Charger with rechargeable battery, and a high-power Qi wireless charging transmitter, with a large capacity rechargeable battery; works like a Qi charging pad or a moving power bank. Supports up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Price slightly higher, but, certainly, an object that make the owners of iPhone X happy. Buy it at a special price, from this link.


A fantastic device of well 10000mAh, equipped with the excellent function QUICK CHARGE 3.0. Up to 4 times faster than standard chargers, it is able to charge 80-compatible devices in 35 minutes only. Backwards compatible with all versions of Qualcomm Quick Charge.

With the special fast charger, this fantastic powerbank can be loaded in less than 4 hours. sChoose this item if you do not want to be with exhausted devices anymore.

One of the best in its class, with warranty of 18 months, and price lower than 19 €. Buy it from here at a special price.


The autonomy is quite good, assured by its 5000mAh. The cost is around € 10. Poweradd Slim2 is super recommended for its very small size, with a size similar to a lipstick!

Available in different colors, it is equipped with the excellent iSMART technology, which ensures optimal charging is faster because it automatically detects the type of device you are reloading. Tested personally; for this reason, we would like to recommend it to you. Moreover, taking a look, the feedback speaks rather clear!

You can buy the item at a special price, from here.

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