Santiago de Compostela. How to get there by plane, bus, bike

Santiago de Compostela

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Where it ends and starts the ... Way!

For centuries it has been (and still is) the place that has had an incredible evocative force for all the faithful. Santiago de Compostela, the symbolic place of the famous Camino; the point of arrival, or departure, of the Way; the symbolic place that continues to attract millions of visitors; the place where the remains of the apostle of Jesus, James the Greater, are preserved.

But Santiago is not just this. Santiago de Compostela is a city that in addition to the charm and history, has beautiful monuments. Sites and places that are worth visiting. Whether you are faithful or not. Santiago is perfect to be visited even just for a weekend.

The city of the spectacular Cathedral, a World Heritage Site; but also, cities with splendid squares and buildings. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy a fantastic weekend in the capital of Galiza. You really will not regret it!



Santiago de Compostela

Aeropuerto Santiago de Compostela is an international airport located in the small town of Lavacolla. It is the largest airport in all of Galicia, just 16 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela; every year there is a passenger traffic of over 2 millions of individuals!

All the info on the airport, the companies and the direct connections, available here, through our official page.

The comfortable Intercity Bus of the Empresa Freire connects the Santiago de Compostela Airport to the city every day (Plaza de Galicia) and viceversa; the bus leaves every half hour and stops at different points in the city (Pazo de Congresos, Capilla San Lázaro, Railway Station, Rúa da Rosa, and others). The journey takes about 30 minutes
From the airport, the service is active from 07: 00 (first run) to 23: 30 (last run); from the center to the airport, from the 06: 00 (first ride) to midnight (last departure). The ticket costs 3,00 € and purchases directly on board.
For all the info, you can consult the official website of the company, directly from here.


Madrid is 600 kilometers and Lisbon just over 500. From Barcelona, ​​the distances start to be quite demanding, higher than the 1000 kilometers. From Rome, the kilometers that separate the Galician capital are beyond 2200; crossing the border at Ventimiglia, it runs along the entire Côte d'Azur, Provence and South of France; after passing Bayonne, one enters Spanish territory. Here, basically, we pass the main cities of the well-known Cammino.

The car is a solution to take into account only if you want to face a long road trip.


There are numerous paths proposed to reach the city of San Giacomo. You just have to choose based on your needs of time, needs ... It is purely subjective.

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