Saint Gimignano
Practical information to reach San Gimignano by car, train or plane




"San Gimignano with its beautiful towers and beautiful bells, ugly men and women of peace" [Florentine proverb]

A small medieval jewel, which, from the Tuscan hills, you see suddenly appear. With its shape and towers, majestic and evocative.
A disarming beauty.
A city that deserves to be admired slowly. A little at a time. In order to appreciate every single detail.

Do not be just simple tourists. Because, contrary to numbers, this is a city that deserves much more than just "touch and go"



The best way to reach San Gimignano is, without a doubt, the car. Not only
for practical reasons. Arriving by car will give you the opportunity to appreciate all the surroundings and the surrounding landscape. The Tuscan hills can enchant and, we are sure, you will not stop making shots every second.
As widely said, the image of the silhouette of the city is the best spot for a holiday.

The car also allows you to move freely in the surrounding towns, including the beautiful Siena, just 50 kilometers away.
In the city, outside the walls, you will have ample availability of paid parking in the appropriate areas.

To the north, Milan is about 350 kilometers, while Rome, to the south, is about 280 kilometers. From Zurich, passing through Milan, the distance is just over 600 kilometers. Almost the same that separates the Tuscan city from Marseille: 637 km, passing through Ventimiglia (on the border) and Genoa.


The nearest airports are Florence and Pisa. The first, is just over 50 km, while, from the second, you have to travel about 80 kilometers.
Even the two airports of the Capital, Rome-Fiumicino and Ciampino, can be a good starting point, being about 300 kilometers away.
Once landed, it is preferable rent a car to reach the destination. In fact, there are no direct connections with the city.


The nearest station to the center is Poggibonsi, about 19 kilometers away. From here only connections with regional trains are guaranteed, with fairly limited frequencies. From the station square, the 130 bus arrives at Piazzale Montemaggio in about 25 minutes.

In our opinion, the train is not recommended.

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