Getting around Seville by metro, bus, tram and taxi. Hours, bonometer, tickets

Move to Seville

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Waiting for the completion of the underground network, of which times are still uncertain, buses and trams are the ideal solution to move around Seville, away from the historic center. The latter, in fact, is entirely forbidden to means of transport.



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The metro project covers the entire metropolitan area of ​​the city, with 4 lines extending over 60 km. Currently, only the 1 Line, (Green) is in operation. It extends for 18 km, and a total of 22 stations, from Ciudad Expo to Olivar de Quintos, the two terminus.

The subway operates from 6.30 to 23.00 from Monday to Thursday; Friday and pre-holidays from 6.30 to 2.00; Saturday from 7.30 to 2.00 and Sundays and holidays from 7.30 to 23.00.

Tickets are different from other vehicles, and are valid only for the metro. The ticket, once purchased, can be reused by reloading the trip amount.

The tariff system is divided into zones and jumps; the latter are, simply, the steps that are made from one area to another. The rate varies depending on the number of SALTI performed. The ticket without jumps, costs 1,35 €; the ticket for 1 jump, costs 1,60 €; 2 jumps, 1,80 €. The BONO DE 1 DIA, allows you to make unlimited trips and jumps on the metro for a time of 90 'from the validation.

Furthermore, there is the Bonometro, that is, a rechargeable card that allows you to travel on the metro at a discounted price. It can be recharged for amounts from 10 to 50 €; every time you use it, the credit will be deducted from the card balance. A trip without jumps, costs 0,82 € instead of 1,35 €; 1 jump, 1,17 € instead of 1,60 €; 2 jumps, 1,37 € instead of 1,80 €. The card is personal and is recommended for those who often want to move to Seville by metro.


The road network is managed by TUSSAM (Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla). It is particularly extensive and covers, in a capillary way, every corner of the city. The bus is a fast and efficient way to get around Seville in complete tranquility. It works from 6.00 to around 23.30, and holidays from 7.00 to 23.30 around. EA is the special line connecting the airport with the center of Seville and the Santa Justa Central Station. Info and details from here.

The night service is guaranteed by 9 lines: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 and N29. Buses leave every day from Prado San Sebastián, right in the center. The service is active all holidays and from Monday to Thursday, from midnight to 02: 00, with frequency of 30 '. Friday, Saturday and the night before public holidays, runs from midnight to 05: 00 in the morning.

On Fridays and Saturdays, it is running from midnight to 05: 00, also the 16 line from the Plaza Jerónimo de Córdoba.


Move to Seville

The name could be confusing. In reality, it is the one and only tram line that crosses the historical center of the city. It covers a length of 2,2 kilometers, for a total of 5 stations, from Plaza Nueva to San Bernardo. It is managed by TUSSAM. More than a way to get around Seville, the MetroCentro is an ideal way to get an overview of the city, paying the price of a bus ticket!

It's running everyday, from 06: 00 to 23: 30 around. Friday, Saturday and the day before, the service is extended, at night, up to 02: 00.


Sevici is the extraordinary, efficient bike rental service in the city. Probably, one of the best and alternative methods to move around Seville. Extremely economical and above all "green" method. With just € 10, you can rent for an entire Weekend, one of the many bicycles scattered throughout the various points in the city. You can take a bike, leave it and take a new one, as often as you like, for the chosen time. Just register on the official website. The first half hour of use is free, then you will pay 1 € for the next hour, and 2,00 € for every hour after the first.


They run every day at any time and they recognize each other because they are white and bear the emblem of the city, a yellow stripe and the license number on one side. You can stop them directly on the street when the green light is on.
Rates are not excessive and are clearly displayed within each Taxi.


Established that the metro is based on a different tariff system, to travel on buses and trams it is necessary to purchase a special travel ticket.

Il Billette Univiaje, is a paper ticket valid for one trip, on one vehicle only. Costa 1,40 € and can be purchased directly on board. It can not be used for a combined journey on different lines.

La tarjeta multiviaje It is recommended for those who want to move around Seville by TUSSAM vehicles, even sporadically. It is a rechargeable card, comparable to the Bonometer. It allows you to travel on buses and trams at a discounted price. A trip on a single line, without making changes, costs 0,69 €, instead of 1,40 € provided for the paper version. At the price of only 0,78 €, you can, however, make a journey with endless line changes, within one hour from the validation: really convenient. The Card costs 1,50 € in the ordinary version, or 2,00 € in special collector version, which you can keep! The cost of the ordinary Card will be returned to you in full, if returned at the end of use, to the appropriate information point TUSSAM

La Tourist Tarjeta allows unlimited travel on all the vehicles operated by TUSSAM, for the chosen period. The one-day version costs 5,00 €, while the one from 3 days costs 10,00 €. At the price you have to add 1,50 € for the Card. This cost will be fully refunded, as soon as it will be returned to the appropriate TUSSAM information point.

Seville Card, on the other hand, is the best and most economical method to set off to discover the marvelous Andalusian city. At the cost of 32,00 € per person, the Card will allow you to enjoy unlimited access for 72 hours to numerous museums, monuments and attractions, also getting discounts for shopping, restaurants and Flamenco shows. Info and purchase from this link.

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