Seville. How to get to the city by plane, train, car. Info and practical guide


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La ciudad más bonita del mundo.

If you tried to ask a Sevillian, what could be the most beautiful city in the world, the answer will be rather obvious, but not far from reality.

Seville is a truly beautiful city, and beautiful as ever. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most visited cities on the Iberian Peninsula. Splendid monuments and extraordinary architecture, which, despite the differences in style and period, manage to coexist perfectly, creating a truly unique and evocative environment. Roman, Islamic, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance influences.

The climate, never rigid, makes it practically ideal to visit every period of the year. It is not impossible, in winter, to even find 20 °; or, see people walking short-sleeved in full November.

So, a good holiday in Seville, la ciudad más bonita del mundo!



Thanks to the presence of the international airport of San Pablo, the Andalusian city can be reached comfortably by air. The airport is about 10 kilometers north-east of the city center. Every day, numerous direct connections to the main European destinations are guaranteed. All info and links are available on our special page. from this link.


The EA (Especial Aeropuerto) line connects the airport and Plaza de Armas, right in the city center, via the Santa Justa Central Railway Station. The bus takes about 35 minutes to complete the journey.

The bus runs from 2 to 3 every hour. It is active from 04: 30 at midnight from Plaza de Armas; from 05: 20 (first race) to 00: 45 (last ride) from the airport. The ticket, valid exclusively for this bus, costs 4,00 €.


Santa Justa Station Sevilla 15-03-2011 15-33-05

Photo, 2011 Paul Hermans

Sevilla Santa Justa is the central train station, which serves the city. It is one of the most important railway hubs in all of Spain, as well as one of the busiest, with around 13 million travelers a year. Only for Madrid-Atocha and Barcelona-Sants, there is a greater number of travelers!

The station is located at Avenida Kansas City, one of the main accesses of the City.

Saint Justa is connected daily to numerous destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. Daily depart from 11 to 19 high-speed trains to Madrid. You get in just 150 minutes! In addition, two daily high-speed connections are guaranteed for Barcelona (via Zaragoza and Cordoba) and one for Valencia.

Excellent, and numerous, also short / medium-haul links. Cordoba is reached in less than an hour, while, Malaga in about 100 'in direct route; to get to Granada, it takes about 3 hours.


The Spanish motorway network is particularly efficient and reliable, and includes free stretches and paid stretches. Really great. connections between Andalusia and cities such as Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Valencia. For the Catalan city, you have to travel almost 1000 kilometers.

Madrid, is about 530 kilometers with the E90, passing through Merida, or the E5 passing through Cordoba.

Granada and the Costa del Sol are connected by A92; Cadiz from the A4 and the E5 highway while to reach Lisbon, just take the A49. From the Lusitanian capital, the distance is about 450 kilometers. Always staying across the border, to reach the French Bordeaux, you have to travel a distance of about 1200 kilometers.

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