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Rainbow Magicland is the amusement park Rome, located in the small town of Valmontone, about 50 kilometers from the capital. This is the largest amusement park in central and southern Italy.

Opened in May of the 2011, this amusement park in Rome received just a year after the 2012 PARK OF THE YEAR!

One of its characteristics is the presence of the large central lake. It is around it that the 38 attractions are developed; in addition to the numerous shops, restaurants and areas for shows and shows. The attractions are developed in an area of ​​185000 square meters.

Gattobaleno is his official mascot; together with the Winx and some characters produced by Studio Rainbow.

Rome amusement park


Magicland It is a park suitable for everyone: whether you are a couple, with friends or family. You will find attractions for all tastes and, above all, for all ages. Obviously, like all the parks, it is mainly aimed at children and teenagers. KEEP THE LIMITATIONS WELL PRESENT. The attractions, with very few exceptions, all require a height and a minimum age. For children less than one meter tall, the possibility of getting on many attractions is precluded. Generally, the height of 120cm is ideal for taking advantage of almost all attractions. Ten years, however, is the minimum age to climb on the Attractions for Brave.

Further down, you will find a list of all the attractions of the park, with a brief description, the official link. Of each, the height and minimum age required to enter is indicated.


Rainbow Magicland It is open all year round, every day, including holidays. Obviously, being an amusement park, the ideal period is between May and September. For some attractions like Yucatàn or Le Rapide, staying dry is a challenge. Imagine in the middle of winter!

Summer is also synonymous with chaos. From May to September you will find many people, and a lot of attractions. Above all the main ones. If possible, avoid the weekend or holidays and opt for weekdays.


At Rainbow Magicland Rome you will find numerous bars, 4 restaurants and 10 Shops where you can buy your souvenirs. The service is very convenient Magic Shopping; you can buy everything you want, and at the exit of the park, your envelopes will be delivered to you. Very useful especially for numerous and / or voluminous purchases. In the Magic Street there is the Information Office ready to provide you with all the info you need. Next is thenursery with a doctor and a nurse always available for any need.

Lost property office and even the service Stroller Rental.

In front of the Yucatàn attraction, a large one is available Picnic area immersed in the green between the sounds of the waterfalls and the scent of flowers. You will find ample and comfortable covered wooden tables. The total capacity is 1000 seats.

Finally, we report the excellent service Rain Gauge, your lifeline if it rains heavily. The rain gauge measures the falling rain; if they should turn on all the sectors of his umbrella, you will be entitled to a GOOD FOR A FREE ENTRANCE at the Rome amusement park.

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