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Discovering the best destinations in the world with Kanoa.
From the large Capitals to the small villages, practical advice to choose the best facilities.
Where to sleep collects all the tips and tips to find your hotel, apartment and Guesthouse ... at the best price


Cheap, romantic, artistic hotels. The best areas to stay and those to avoid. The advice of Kanoa to sleep in the Ville Lumiére
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A cosmopolitan, modern city with a very strong identity, Barcelona has a truly incredible offer. Hotels, hostels, apartments
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Practical guide to the best facilities in Bucharest. Advice for sleeping and the best hotels for all budgets and needs
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The best accommodation based on price, distance from transport stops and areas. A comprehensive guide to one of the most beautiful cities in the world
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Move to the city by public transport. A practical guide with tips and tips for using the means of transport: metro, bus, tram, boat, train, taxi and .... bicycles.

From the Greek Amorgos to Vienna; from the great Capitals to the small villages. In each city, all information with up-to-date schedules, tickets and season tickets

Kanoa invites you to discover the best destinations in the world, based on the climate, events and events. Every single month, you will find many useful tips and information, to guide you to the choice for your next vacation. Top destinations, and places to avoid


Book with Kanoa your flight at the best price