Oslo, how to get there by car, train, bus, ferry or plane. Practical info


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Charm and fun on a human scale.

Northern city of great charm, where culture, liveliness, fun combine to perfection. The Norwegian capital, will conquer you thanks to its cosmopolitan and international character. A place where everything works perfectly.

A relatively small center, where there are no shortage of attractions and monuments. And, nature, to be the master. Oslo, the smallest of the European capitals, but, not for this reason, the least important. A "green" city, one of the most livable in the world. Have a good trip

Reaching Oslo



The presence of two international airports, distant between the 50 and the 110 km from the city, makes the Norwegian capital easily accessible. A third stop, Moss Rygge, is currently stopped.


Oslo-Gardermoen is the main airport, located near the town of Ullensaker, about 50 km north of the capital. It is the hub of the Scandinavian Airlines System and the Norwegian Air Shuttle, and is one of the busiest airports in Northern Europe.

From Amsterdam to Zurich, via Berlin, London and Paris. All the major European Capitals and the main cities are connected with direct flights to Gardermoen.

There are several ways to get to the center. For all tastes and all budgets. Local / intercity trains NSB Regiontog, are a valid option compared to the more expensive express railway line. In about 25 minutes, you can reach Sentralstasjon, which is the Central Train Station. The ticket costs 105NOK. Alternatively, the Airport Express Train, allows you to reach the center in just under 20 minutes. The first ride starts at 04: 40 and the last at midnight. The ticket costs 180NOK, equal to about 20 €.

Taxis are a good alternative for 3 or more people. They are not expensive, and the rates are fixed. Once at the airport, in the arrivals terminal, you will find the taxi information point. Here, you can book your taxi at the cost established by the company; the car will wait for you at the exit of the airport.


This is the most distant airport of the three, as well as the smallest. It is located in the small town of Sandefjord, about 110 kilometers south of the capital. It is used, above all, by Low Cost companies.

It takes just under two hours to reach the Capital by train. Just take the shuttle to Torp train station at the airport exit. The travel time is about 8 minutes. From Torp, thanks to the local / intercity NSB Regiontog trains, you can reach Oslo Sentralstasjon. One-way ticket costs 289NOK

From any airport, you can rent a car to get to the center. For all the info, click here.


Ship Oslo

The port of Oslo is served by numerous routes to / from Frederikshavn, Copenhagen & Kiel. Every week, over 20 lines connect the port of the Capital with Norway, Denmark and Germany.

Sailing durations range from 11 hours and 45 minutes on the ride to Frederikshavn, to 20 hours around to reach Kiel. To reach the Danish capital, however, the crossing takes about 17 hours.


Copenhagen and Stockholm are the nearest Capitals with distances, however, between the 500 and 600 kilometers. From Germany, the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, the distances lengthen inexorably. A trip by car would require enough time.

Certainly, the crossing by sea from Kiel (Germany) or Copenhagen to reach Norway could be quite suggestive.

If arriving by car takes time, a different topic concerns traveling to Norway. From Oslo, driving in discovery of Norway is far from recommended. Roads and motorways are relatively low-traffic compared to other countries and very efficient. Furthermore, you will find numerous scenic roads and unique and suggestive observation points. On the mountains and in the fjords region, in particular.

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