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Visa China

Are you about to organize a trip to China?

Kanoa has collected the main info, writing our guide on how to apply for an entry visa for China.

We leave immediately:

What is a visa for China?

The visa for China consists of a permit issued by the visa authorities of the People's Republic of China; The visa is issued in accordance with the entry rules of non-Chinese citizens in China.

Until a few years ago, the Chinese visa issue was very simple; it was enough to do a little 'row in the consulate, bring with them the purchased airline tickets, pay and was made; today unfortunately or fortunately some things have changed, the process is slightly more complex.

Visa documents:

There are various types of visas, the one you are interested in is of category L (Tourist Visa).

You can download the request form directly from this official link: download the form here.

You will also need to prepare a photo in format passport(full front face, with light background and dimensions: 48mm x 33mm); passport with at least six months validity; a photocopy of the page with your personal information (the photocopy is essential!) serve the Reservations of round-trip flights.

In addition to the documents mentioned above, a detailed travel plan is required above all, as it is very dependent on the operator at the counter who will issue the visa.

Hotel reservations will have to be presented for the entire duration of the stay with the internal travel tickets.

For Hotel reservations, they are not satisfied with a generic press from sites such as Booking or Expedia; but they want a reservation with a lot of Chinese hotel stamp.

Kanoa advises to contact the structures by mail to make you send the reservation with a lot of stamp; so as not to have problems for issuing a visa.

Kanoa reminds you that the booking is not binding once you enter China and that nobody will check you; even at customs, what matters is the stamp!

The Chinese tourist visa is normally granted for maximum 30 days that count from the date of your entry into the country; for longer periods you can try to ask but lately they are of tight sleeve.


A visa costs 127,10 € for the regular procedure, or in 4 days.

If you need it with urgent procedure, or the day after, get ready to spend 198,70 €.

While if you can wait three days, the cost is € 176,50.

Contrary to a few years ago; the visa can be requested only in Italy, while if your trip includes a first stop in Hong Kong; you can easily request it there (just go to one of the many local agencies for visa issuance); and in 24H they will issue you the entry visa for China.

Request Centers Visa:

Kanoa remember that to apply for a Chinese visa you can only, Online at the official website (

There are two centers in Italy: Milan (via Confalonieri 29, phone 02.83201385, timetable to present the 9-15 request)

Rome (Viale Regina Margherita 279, on the first floor.

Also it is not necessary to go in person; if you have a friend in these two cities you can ask him to bring all the documentation for you.

Last possibility is to rely on the agencies that deal with entry visas; it will probably cost you more: on the 130 euros for a single visa.

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