Mykonos Sensations

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Appointment with Mykonos Sensations at the Kalua Beach in Paraga

Sensations is the special dedication of Kanoa, to all those who love to get excited. A romantic walk, by the sea, in the moonlight. An aperitif to enjoy with your partner and friends. The most beautiful sunset of your life. with unique and wonderful places to act as a backdrop.

Mykonos is the island of entertainment par excellence ... the mills, the alleys of the center, the small bar clubs. The island's summer season becomes electrifying during the months of July and August, with hordes of tourists attacking the Cycladic island.
An incredibly brash, transgressive and tolerant island. A damn nice place. And it matters little of the crowd and the crowd. Of the costs, often, too much excessive. Mykonos should be lived every single moment.

The best spot for Mykonos Sensations is, of course, Scorpios Beach. A wonderful and welcoming place, where horizons of blue are mixed with yellow, gold and pink of the generous Cycladic sun.

Mykonos Sensations

Located between the bays of Kavos and Paraga, it offers spectacular views across the island of Mykonos, and an 24 hours entertainment on 24, without stopping.

An extraordinary place for artistic, social and spiritual aggregation, with, at the center, music, art, food and design. Scorpios, in a certain way, represents a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Greek Agora.

For your Mykonos Experience, you can relax, lying on a bed. Or sip a cocktail, with your friends or your partner, at the beach bar. Enjoy the sunset show. Enjoy a dinner at the Greek restaurant, or dance until late at night.
The ingredients are all there for a fantastic Mykonos Experience.

Naturally, in the place of the Greek movida par excellence, alternatives are not lacking. And also excellent. From the splendid Alemàgou, to the Kalua, passing through the Nammos, the Principote and many others. You will be spoiled for choice

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Scorpios, Mykonos Sensations

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