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In the intricate world of the InsuranceColumbus is the ideal company for us at Kanoa. From 1988 Columbus Insurance Services specializes in travel insurance and offers insurance policies online and by telephone in Italy and in more than 50 countries worldwide. We have personally tried: we can not recommend it.

Among the strengths, the quality / price ratio. Anyone who has the opportunity can see the convenience. Just think that a Travel Insurance for 7 days in Europe starts from just € 18,90; or even an annual policy from 85,03 € per person.

Incredible prices that, however, do not affect the quality and the proposal. Quite the contrary. Here are some of the strengths:

  • Unlimited medical expenses
  • Operations center in Italy 24 / 24h - 7 / 7
  • Direct payment for hospitalization
  • Last minute also subscribable
  • Certificate sent directly by email.

Furthermore, all policies are fully customizable according to your needs.

Smartphone / Tablet, protects your phone, tablet or computer up to € 1000 in case of theft, robbery or bag-snatching. Moreover, the coverage is for policy and not individual (therefore, if you had to stipulate a family policy, all the devices of the travelers would be covered !!).
With the Winter Sports option, however, you will be protected from accidents during a skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports!

Among the various options, we would like to recommend Apply Zero Franchise. It costs a few euros and choosing it, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY the deductible provided by the selected product in case of use of the policy. For example, in the case of medical expenses, you will not pay the normally expected excess 100 Euros. in a few minutes.

In any case, wherever you go, never forget to take out a policy that insures you against unforeseen circumstances. It is really essential to travel safe. Our advice is to leave without worries, protecting the investment of a long-awaited trip, simply by paying an insurance premium that, in some cases, compared to the cost of the trip, could be ridiculous.


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