Ciampino closure

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Rom 2007-Airport Airport-by-RaBoe 001

Aeroporti di Roma SpA, through its official website, announces that for the redevelopment and ordinary maintenance of the runway, Ciampino Giovan Battista Pastine airport will be temporarily closed from 18: 00 of the 14 October, until 20 hours: 30 29 October.

La Ciampino closing will allow you to perform 24 hours maintenance on 24. WizzAir and RyanAir are the most involved companies.

RyanAir reports that, during this period, some flights to / from Rome Ciampino have been canceled and others will operate from / to Rome Fiumicino.

Among the canceled destinations we point out Bucharest, Brussels, Copenhagen, Paris Beauvais. Through this link it is possible to consult the complete list of all the canceled sections and those, instead, transferred to Fiumicino.

In any case, RyanAir informs you that it will be possible to obtain the cancellation of the reservation and request a refund of the flight or unused flights. Just click on this link.

For all the info and the latest news you can consult the official ADR website. Practical information and news on the two Roman airports of Ciampino and Fiumicino.

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