Best 2018 Airports

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When it comes to airports, airlines and, more generally, flying, Skytrax represents the industry bible.

Every year, Skytrax, assigns the much sought after stars, putting under the magnifying glass strengths and weaknesses. Also this year, the ranking of the best 2018 airports has arrived.

The ranking was obtained by comparing the votes of international travelers during the investigation period 2017 / 2018. The ranking took into account numerous factors including infrastructure, services, cleanliness and even quality of food offered.

The airport of Singapore Changi it is confirmed, for the sixth consecutive year, the best in the world. This is the most important airport in Southeast Asia, the hub of Singapore Airlines, a company that, in terms of quality, excels like the airport.
Changi is worthy of a complex by 5 stars. Shopping areas, duty free, bars, restaurants, shopping centers and much more, for all needs. The Wi-Fi line is available in all 4 Terminals.

The Asian airports confirm, once again, among the most efficient and modern. Place of honor for Incheon, the most important airport in South Korea, and one of the busiest in the world. While not having obtained the highest preference among the best 2018 airports, Incheon can console itself with the award of Best Airport Staff 2018.

Closes the podium of the best 2018 airports, the Japanese Haneda. High quality standards, modernity and efficiency characterize this airport, winner of the special classification of cleaner Airport.

Analyzing all the data, Germany is confirmed as the best organized country. In fact, two airports are placed in the Top 10. Monaco of Bavaria confirms its position as one of the best 2018 Airports on the Old Continent, ahead of Heathrow, Zurich and Frankfurt. Vancouver is confirmed as the best port of North America, while, Rome Fiumicino recorded one of the most important progress, climbing over 70 positions up to 85o place.

Here is the 10 Top of Skytrax's best 2018 airports:

10 Frankfurt, Germany.
09 Zurich, Switzerland.
08, London Heathrow, England.
07 Chubu Centrair Nagoya, Japan.
06 Munich, Germany.
05 Doha Hamad, Qatar.
04 Hong Kong International.
03 Tokyo Haneda, Japan.
02 Incheon Seoul, South Korea.
01 Changi, Singapore.

The complete list of the 100 Tops, with the comparison with the 2017, is available from this link. And you, where Will you book your next flight?

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