Marseille how to get around by public transport: metro, bus, tram, boat

Marseille How to move

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RTM (Régie des Transports de Marseille) operates the city's reliable rail and road transport system.


Marseille _-_ Metro _-_ Netzplan Marseille how to get around

Photo, 2009 Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa)

Traveling by metro is advisable. There are two lines distinguished by two different colors; one, mostly elevated, and the other, instead, underground. With the metro it is possible to reach both central and peripheral areas. The blue M1 line, performs service from La Rose a La Fourragére. The M2 red line, from Bougainville a Ste. Marguerite Dromel.
The subway is open every day from 05: 00 in the morning to 00: 30 (from Bougainville, the first departure is at 04: 50).


The Marseilles tram network consists of three lines, each identified as three different colors: T1 (orange) from Noailles a Les Caillois; T2 (yellow) from Arenc Le Silo a La Blancarde; T3 (green) from Arenc Le Silo a Castellane. It should be noted that all lines and trams are accessible by the disabled.
The times are the same as the metro: every day from 05: 00 to 00: 30.


A dense network connects the center with almost the periphery and the three neighboring municipalities of Allauch, Plan-de-Cuques e Septèmes-les-Vallons. There are more than 120, the daytime running lines from 04: 00 in the morning to around 22: 00 approximately, to which are added the 12 night lines, which guarantee service until one o'clock in the morning, connecting the city center and outskirts.

BRT, Bus à Haute Niveau de Service, are three special, high-level lines in service in the city. They are identified by the letter B. The low-floor B2 and B3 buses are perfectly accessible for people with reduced mobility.


During the summer period, from late April to early October, the maritime shuttle service, operated by RATM, is active. Two lines, both with the Vieux Port terminus, which connect La Pointe Rouge and L'Estaque. The service is active from the morning, starting from 08: 00, up to the 19: 00 approximately. Tickets can be purchased directly on board, with costs ranging from a minimum of 5.00 € to a maximum of 8.00 €, depending on the journey.


RTM, manages city traffic. All Marseilles vehicles are usable with the same ticket. The type of tickets is rather varied. You can choose between the classic paper ticket or the advantageous one TRANSPASS CARDS. This is a rechargeable card and allows you to travel at a discounted price; the relative credit is deducted for each trip.

Single ticket (1 Voyage cards) costs 1.70 € (1.40 € on transpass cards); allows you to move within 59 'from validation on buses and trams, or a trip by subway. If purchased on board the bus, it costs 2,00 €.

La 10 Voyages cards is a book of 10 single journeys, sold at the cost of 14.00 €). In case you were in 4, it is extremely advantageous GROUP CARDS 4 PERSONNES. It is a single ticket valid for 4 people, during the same move; the ticket has the same characteristics as the Voyage card, with the difference that applies to 4. Costa 4.90 €.

Il PASS XL 24h, at the cost of 5.20 €, allows you to make unlimited travel in the city on all means. For those who opt for a multi-day holiday, it is extremely advantageous PASS XL from 72h, which at the cost of 10.80 € allows you to make unlimited travel on all vehicles for three days.

All tickets must be purchased before boarding. There is no possibility to purchase the ticket on the vehicle, except for the bus. Tickets and season tickets can be purchased at the subway stations, at the main bus and tram stops and at merchants displaying the RTM brand.
For more information about timetables, routes and prices, please consult the official website of the company of transport.

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