Palace_of_Westminster, _London "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, because in London there is everything that life can offer", quoted Samuel Johnson.

London is a living, dynamic, intercultural city that everyone loves. We at Kanoa know very well that once you get home ... you're already thinking of coming back! Reaching the British capital from Italy is very simple thanks to direct connections from the main Italian cities.
London has 4 airports that we list for proximity to the center and for importance: Heathrow (International airport), Gatwick, Stansted, Luton.

London Heathrow (32km from the center):
Direct flights British Airways only from Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa. Detailed airport info Heathrow.

Heathrow-City London (travel time, about 30 minutes) with Metro

  • 1, 2 and 3 terminals: First 05.12 train (Monday to Saturday) or 05.56 (Sunday) Last 23.48 train (Monday to Saturday) or 23.39 (Sunday)
  • 4 Terminal: First 05.02 train (Monday to Saturday) or 05.46 (Sunday) Last 23.35 train (Monday to Saturday) or 23.15 (Sunday)
  • 5 Terminal: First 05.23 train (Monday to Saturday) or 06.07 (Sunday) Last 23.42 train (Monday to Saturday) or 23.25 (Sunday)

From London Gatwick (45km from the center), direct flights from the main Italian cities; detailed info Airport Gatwick. Here are the vectors:
British Airways: Naples and Rome Fiumicino.
Easyjet: Bari, Bologna, Brindisi, Catania, Milan Malpensa and Linate, Naples, Olbia (Sardinia), Pisa, Rome Fiumicino, Turin, Venice, Verona.
Vueling: Florence, Naples, Rome Fiumicino, Turin, Venice, Verona.

London Stansted (48km), direct flights from the main Italian cities; for detailed info Airport of Stansted
Ryanair: Alghero, Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Bologna, Genoa, Milan Bergamo and Milan Malpensa, Olbia, Palermo, Parma, Pescara, Pisa, Rome Ciampino, Turin, Verona.
Easyjet: Cagliari, Naples.

London Luton (55km), for detailed info Airport of Luton.
Easyjet: Catania, Milan Malpensa, Naples, Olbia, Pisa, Rome Fiumicino, Venice.
Monarch Airlines: Rome Fiumicino, Naples.

If you land at the airports of Gatwick, Stansted, LutonTo reach the City, Kanoa advises to do it by train or bus. If you arrive at London City Airport (Heathrow) you will not have any problems as you will need to take the London Tube directly to get to your accommodation. But now let's see in detail how to reach central London without spending a lot.

Gatwick-London City
TRENO Gatwick express
The fastest way to get from / to the airport and Central London (Victoria Station); Gatwick Express trains run every 15 minutes and it only takes 30 to reach the destination. Trains arrive and depart from the 13 and 14 platforms of the station London Victoria and tickets must be purchased before boarding the train.

Il Gatwick Express it's a comfortable way to get to London, with wifi on board, and comfortable seating. For adults, prices start at £ 19,90 (EUR 27,59) per ticket, and for children from £ 9,95 (EUR 13,79) per ticket.
It is possible to take advantage of discounted return fares, even for groups of people traveling together.
When you will arrive at Victoria Station, you will have to make tickets for the Metro.

There are several companies that operate the bus service to / from London City from the airport Gatwick. Kanoa recommends Terravision: as soon as you leave the Arrivals Terminal, you will find a kiosk where you can buy tickets, even online for the transfer.
The Bus takes about 1h and 45 min and makes 3 stops: Hammer -smith, Cromwell Road, Bayswater Road. Prices start at 6 £ one way or 12 £ return; ran every 20 minutes.

Stansted- London City
Stansted Express is the fastest connection between Stansted airport and central London. The service from the airport terminal allows you to reach the city center in just 47 minutes or in just 36 minutes the subway to Tottenham Hale. The service, available 7 days on 7 and with departures every 15 minutes (every 30 minutes for the first and last races of the day), is the fastest, most frequent and direct way to move.
A Stansted the train station is just a 2 minute walk from the airport terminal and is easily accessible via elevator, escalator and pedestrian ramps.
The station Liverpool Street, located in the heart of the City, the financial district of the capital, offers connections to the national railway network and the London Underground, accessible directly from the station. The station of Tottenham Hale It offers convenient connections to central London and the West End via the London Underground Victoria Line.
Prices: Adult one way 18 sterling, round trip 32 sterling (for round-trip tickets, the arrival date must match the one booked); Children 9 £ one way and 16 £ one way.

Important note: passengers MUST buy tickets before boarding the train. Passengers without a valid ticket will not be able to access the vehicle. Tickets with open return can be used on any train. The return journey must be completed within one month from the date of the outward journey.

There are several companies that operate the bus service to and from London City from Stansted Airport, Kanoa recommends Terravision: as soon as you leave the Arrivals Terminal, you will find a kiosk where you can buy tickets, also online for the transfer.
The bus employs 55 min. until Liverpool Street (Central line red line), while if you get off at Victoria Station (blue victoria line) the travel time will be 75 min.
Prices starting from 6 sterling one way or 12 sterling return, runs every 20 minutes.

Luton- London City
You can reach the city center comfortably by train. Take the free shuttle, Luton Airport Express to the 1 Bay, outside the terminal that will take you to the Rail Road Luton in ten minutes. Once at the station, you can choose to arrive at King's Cross Station or S.Pancras, another central station with several companies.

Thameslink, (First Capital Connect), operates a fast and frequent direct service between central London (S.Pancras) and Luton Airport Parkway train station; trains leave every 5 / 10 minutes, the journey takes about half an hour for £ 12,50.
Virgin connects the station of Luton St Pancras, the route, at a price ranging from 8 to 10 pounds, takes about 35 minutes to get to your destination.

There are several companies that operate the bus service to and from London City from Luton Airport, Kanoa recommends Terravision: as soon as you leave the Arrivals Terminal, you will find a kiosk where you can buy tickets, also online for the transfer. Prices starting from 10 sterling one way or 17 sterling return, runs every 20 minutes.

Money and Currency:

The currency of the United Kingdom is the British pound (£ / GBP). Each pound (pound, £) consists of 100 cents (pence or penny, p). The banknotes have denominations of 5, 10, 20 and 50 pounds, while the coins available are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 pence, and 1 and 2 pound.

In London there are numerous foreign exchange offices, often located in banks, travel agencies or post offices, but also in airports and in the main railway stations.

Precious Kanoa advice: if you want to find the best offer, it is worth visiting more offices and comparing exchange rates, without ever forgetting to specify the commission amount. Keep in mind that all credit / debit cards are accepted in London to buy even coffee and no commission. Try to bring with you a card with a considerable amount and change in pounds not too large, for the few merchants (see various markets and kiosks) that do not accept virtual payments.

Our tips

Before leaving, purchase the adapters for the current since the English power plug has 3 flat terminals. The earth is the central one perpendicular to the other two. The voltage in the UK is 230V and as a result all the Italian equipment can be used without problems; just provide an adapter. In addition, each socket has an associated switch that allows you to switch off the connected device without unplugging it.

Another important thing in the choice of accommodation, accommodation in London are expensive: the advice is to choose a hotel or apartment that is close to the Metro in order to move quickly; moreover, all or most of the hotels in London accept check-in from the 14 onwards, so if you arrive early in the City, do not waste your time, store your luggage in the lodgings of your accommodation (for a fee) and start visiting the city.

If by chance the return flight is scheduled in the evening, take advantage of the day available to visit the city again: Kanoa recommends luggage storage at Victoria Station.
Where: it is located in the center of the station, at the height of the 8 track
Costs: 6,00 £ per suitcase for 0 - 3 hours; £ 10.00 per package for deposits from 3 to 24 hours; £ 5.00 to neck for each additional day. The service is active every day from 7.00 to midnight.

Kanoa advises not to bring too heavy suitcases to London for 2 reasons: in first place because it would be rather tiring to have them in tow during the subway trips to reach your destination; keep in mind also that London does not have escalators or elevators in the Metro. The second reason is that you will find department stores where to buy fashionable clothes at really very low prices, whether they are chains or classic stalls.

Another advice, is to book the most requested attractions with at least 45 days in advance. We're talking about musicals, concerts, Premier League matches if you're a football fan, because millions of tourists come to London every week and the shows are always Sold-Out.

Avoid clothes that are too heavy as it is true that in London there is some degree less to Italy, but in the Metro it's hot, in the Museums it's hot, in the rooms it's hot! The advice is from dress in layers, perhaps bringing with it a K-Way for the wind blowing along the Thames and the London drizzle.

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