Lisbon. Getting there from the main European destinations. Distance info


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"For me there are no flowers that can stand comparison with the variety of colors that Lisbon takes in the light of the sun." [Fernando Pessoa]

The Portuguese capital is a splendid city, an ideal destination for your holidays. A truly unique place, which transmits emotions at the first glance. Melancholic and suggestive, in a succession of colors; from the sea to houses, from people to tiling (small smooth and polished stone).

Lisbon is the wind that comes from the Ocean; the Trams that speed through the tree-lined avenues; the lisboetas walking in the old neighborhoods, lit by lanterns, chatting in front of a glass of wine. Lisbon is the cobbled alleys and its squares, with cafes under the golden sun; churches with white domes ... a city rich in history, jealous of its origins and traditions.

Lisbon will succeed in entering your hearts, more than you can imagine.




Given the location, the best method to reach the beautiful city of Lisbon is, undoubtedly, the plane. Humberto Delgado is the commercial name of the international airport of Lisbon, located just 7 kilometers of the city. It is the most important port of Portugal, as well as one of the strategic airports in connection with Brazil and, above all, with Africa.

You can arrive by direct flight from the main European destinations.


Reaching the city center by public transport from the airport is quite easy, and cheap, thanks to the wide availability. Metro and Aerobus are the best methods.

The metro allows you to get downtown, in less than 20 minutes. The station is located in the southern corner of the arrivals area of ​​the 1 Terminal. The airport is the terminus of Linha Vermelha (Linha do Oriente), which goes as far as S.Sebastião. The line is running, every day, from 06: 30 to 01: 00 at night; the frequency goes from 6 minutes to 10 minutes. To use the metro, simply buy the electronic card called 7 Colinas / Viva Viagem, at the cost of only 0,50 €. With it, you can take advantage of the city means, with the credit charged. The single journey from the airport costs 1,50 €.

TheAerobus make stops at both the terminals and at the main hotels in the city. The buses are extremely modern, comfortable and equipped with all comforts, such as air conditioning, USB ports on each desk and Wi-Fi. In addition, buses are perfectly usable by disabled people. The ticket, called 24H AEROBUS PASS, one-way, costs 4,00 € per adult; return ticket, costs 6,00 €; children from 4 to 10 years, pay the reduced rate of 50%. The ticket can be used for 24 hours from the endorsement, on the entire Lisbon Aerobus network.

All information on the airport, companies, tickets for public transport, are available at this link, from our official page.


Lisboa Rossio it was, at one time, the Central Railway Station. Today, however, it is a wonderful building in the neo-Manueline style, with a characteristic entrance; it is one of the stops along the line for Sintra, as well as frequented metro station (Green Line).

Humberto Delgado airport, Oriente Lisboa station

Main hub of the city, is Estacao do Oriente, located about 5 km from the center, in an area affected by an incredible redevelopment for the 98 Expo. From here, numerous regional and national connections are guaranteed daily. In Coimbra, you get in about 100 'by fast train and 115' by IC train. For Oporto, instead, it takes two and a half hours with a fast train. Faro, is about 3 hours with an Intercity train. From Madrid, you can reach the city of Lisbon with a direct route during the night.


Reaching Lisbon by car, from Portugal, is rather simple, thanks to the far from prohibitive distances. The excellent E1 connects Porto in about 313 km and Braga, shortly after, in 363 total km; Valença, to the north, on the border with Spain, is 493 km. Also in Spain, the distance from Madrid is about 630 kilometers, passing through Badajoz, on the border, and Merida. Seville, however, is just over 450 kilometers. With the due pauses, all distances can be covered during the day.

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