Edinburgh. How to get from the main destinations by train, car, plane


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A city that marries, almost perfectly, classic and modern, Edinburgh is one of those places that conquers at first glance. And it is no coincidence that, after London, it is the second most visited city in the United Kingdom.

Multicultural city, with an impressive series of monuments and attractions to admire, and the presence of the Old Town and New Town, both declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Edinburgh, is a name that evokes great traditions and history, with a reality that really exceeds imagination. Superb, beautiful and elegant, is one of those places that are worth visiting once in their lives.

Homeland, moreover, of the authentic Scotch whiskey, and truly unique and unmissable events. The Fringe, the Military Tattoo and, above all, the International Theater Festival which, for 3 weeks, offers a truly impressive billboard. In these wonderful places, you can also go shopping among a myriad of shops; or stop at one of the many pubs in the area, listening to emerging artists.

We are sure that a holiday in Edinburgh will remain forever in your hearts. Seeing is believing!




Edinburgh International Airport is well connected by direct flights to major European and world destinations. There are numerous companies that make flights to the Scottish capital. The airport is located just 9 km from the center, easily accessible by the excellent public transport in the city.

The airport is among the most important in the United Kingdom, sixth in the rankings for passenger traffic, behind the London "sacred monsters"!


You can easily reach every area of ​​the city, with convenient public transport. You can choose between the fast, comfortable, Airlink 100, and Citylink 200, 300 and 400; the tram, or the N22 night bus. Prices start at a minimum of £ 3 for a night bus journey.


Waverley is the central railway station, one of the most important in the country. In terms of size, this is the second station in the whole of the UK, with an area of ​​over 100 thousand square meters!

ScottRail connects the city with numerous destinations, including Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, and Glasgow. The train takes about three hours to reach Aberdeen; the ticket starts from a minimum of £ 25.00, with advance booking and no refund in case of cancellation. Dundeeinstead, it can be reached in about 105 '; One-way tickets, non-refundable, starting from £ 10.70.

Distances are not at all prohibitive throughout the United Kingdom. The journey for ManchesterFor example, it lasts just under 4 hours with special-price tickets, less than £ 30! For Londoninstead, about 5 hours are used. The British CrossCountry, manages the medium / long-haul routes for England: York, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, Birmingham and many others.


Just under 70 km, they separate the Capital from Glasgow. The journey goes almost entirely on the M8. For Dundee, however, the distance is about 100 km, passable in an hour and a half.

The British Manchester and Liverpool are both about 350 km through M6. With the appropriate pauses, they are used from the 4 hours upwards. For London, the distance is about 650 km. Anyone wishing to go by car, through France, will have to walk the suggestive Tunnel Sous La Manche, that is, the longest underwater tunnel in the world. Consider, however, the really salty cost: from 100 € up, for one way, depending on the time and size!

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