Burgos. How to reach the city by car and plane via Madrid and Santander


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Anyone who thinks Burgos may be just one of the many stops along the Camino de Santiago ... is wrong. The city of Castile and León is a truly enchanting place. Not just for its wonderful Cathedral, easily recognizable from a distance.

Museums, monuments, art, culture and entertainment. Because, this is a university city and, as such, extremely youthful and lively. Seeing is believing!

How to reach Burgos



The airport of Burgos-Villafria, a few kilometers from the center, unfortunately it is no longer operational from the 2015. Alternatives, however, are not lacking. Madrid-Baraja, and Santander are excellent solutions for those coming from Spain and the main European cities.

TheSantander airport, unique in all Cantabria, it is about 160 km from Burgos. Alsa, an Iberian bus company, makes several daily connections from Santander airport to many Iberian destinations. Several daily connections are guaranteed for Castañares-Burgos. The journey takes about 5 hours. Tickets can be purchased on board for € 17,00 per person. For all info, it is available the official website from here.

Everlasting ALSA, provides connections from Madrid-Baraja airport to downtown Burgos. Madrid airport is about 240 km. The direct bus takes less than three hours to reach the Castilian city. The ticket costs 18,80 € and can be purchased by the driver.

Madrid is our recommended option for those wishing to reach Burgos by plane from Italy. First of all because the Iberian capital is well connected with numerous world destinations. Secondly, from Madrid, in addition to the comfortable Alsa bus, there are excellent alternatives, such as the train, to reach Castile. Through this link, all the practical info on Madrid Barajas and direct connections.


Anyone wishing to reach the city exclusively by train can always consider the Madrid option. The journey is quite long, recommended if you are allergic to the plane.


You have to travel about 600 kilometers from Barcelona and 250 from Madrid to reach the city. Porto, in Portugal, is just over 550 kilometers. In all the vessels, the route is mainly on a motorway section; it is not unthinkable, therefore, to reach Burgos by car. From Milan, to reach the region of Castilla y León you have to travel a little less than 1800 kilometers, crossing all the South of France. The route is almost entirely on the motorway section. Both France and Spain have extremely efficient motorways. Beware of speed limits: the police are not kind. On average, the motorway toll is around € 100, to which must be added the cost of fuel.

A trip on the road is absolutely worth considering if you have some time available; Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Madrid: you are spoiled for choice to make some intermediate stops.

Renting a car, directly in Spain, can be a valid solution. Above all, wanting to visit more places. Click here for more information.

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