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A city with a timeless charm.

Amsterdam is, probably, a unique place all over the world. A place on a human scale, which emanates tranquility, cordiality and a sense of peace. But at the same time, it is a lively, youthful city with a transgressive charm.

Among magnificent buildings that face along its suggestive network of canals, you will appreciate every single thing of this fantastic city. An open-air museum with absolutely unique monuments and art galleries. The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh or the Anne Frank House. The masterpieces of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh himself.

Its picturesque canals, of which 165 is countless. The fascinating bridges. Coffee-shops and red-light districts. The markets, among which the famous Bloemenmarkt stands out, and others less famous, but of undoubted charm. And yet, the frenetic nightlife between discos and clubs. Coffee-shops. The many international recall events each season.

How to get to Amsterdam

Romantic and charming; on foot or perhaps by bike, you will be able to better appreciate the most remote corners of the city. Mixing yourselves in the crowd. A city absolutely ... to live.



The most convenient way to get from Europe is without a doubt the plane. Schipol is the city's main airport and one of the most important in the whole of Europe. For passenger traffic it is among the first on the whole continent. It is located in the small municipality of Haarlemmermeer, less than 20 kilometers from the center.

The airport is structured in a single, immense, building, located 5 meters below sea level; this makes it the lowest civilian airport in the world! Inside, there are numerous shopping centers. Furthermore, wifi is free throughout the area.

Thanks to the numerous services and its incredible efficiency, Schiphol has received numerous awards. In 2013, Skytrax elected him the best airport behind the Singapore-Changi and Seoul-Incheon "sacred monsters".


The recommended method to get downtown, from the airport, is the train. Every hour, there are seven connections to the station Amsterdam Centraal. The train station is located under the airport, reachable in a couple of minutes with the escalators and the elevator. Just follow the appropriate indications on a yellow background: difficult to make mistakes.

The train takes about 20 minutes to get downtown. Single ticket can be purchased at vending machines and airport operators. The ticket costs 4.30 € and must be validated before embarking on the journey.

Alternatively, the Express Bus connects the center quickly and directly, at the cost of 6.00 €. All the info on the airport, the companies and the connections to the center are available from here, on our official page.


Trains Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centraal is the main train station, as well as the largest one. It is located between the Ij district and the historic center. In total, there are 10 railway stations for medium and long-haul connections. From here, the main connections with Holland, Germany and Switzerland take place. During the night, there are trips to the airport, Leiden, the Hague (Den Haag), Rotterdam and Utrecht.


From Berlin, you have to travel a little more than 600 kilometers, mostly on the highway, to get to your destination. You cross the border at Osnabrück and enter Dutch territory. The distances are reduced, however, from Düsseldorf and Cologne: 230 kilometers the first and 260 about the second.

From Brussels, the kilometers separating the two cities are just 200. Paris, however, is just 500 kilometers.

For those wishing to reach the city on the road from Italy, in about 11 hours (pauses permitting) you reach the Dutch capital. You have to cross the Gotthard Tunnel from Milan, or the Brenner Pass from Bolzano.

The Dutch road and motorway network, like the German, is extremely efficient and, above all, free. Attention, however, to speed limits: there are frequent checks on the entire network.

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