Alba Iulia

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How to reach Alba Iulia, in Translivania, by plane, train, car

City-Fortress of great history, and ancient capital of Transylvania, Alba Iulia is one of the best preserved cities in the Region.

Subjectively, together with Sibiu, it is, the most beautiful city in Romania. A place full of history and tradition, with beautiful buildings such as the White Fortress and, inside, the Catedrala Sfântul Mihail, the oldest in the country.

Beautiful streets. Scenographic fountains. Historical buildings. The Batthyaneum Library, a legacy of the past, in which ancient texts are preserved.

Located in an intermediate position between Sibiu and Cluj Napoca, it is a must for a trip to Transylvania.



Avram Iancu is the main Transylvanian airport, second in importance, and passenger traffic, all over Romania. It is just a few kilometers away from Cluj Napoca, about 100 kilometers from Alba Iulia.

From the airport, it is preferable to rent a car to reach your destination. Who, however, wanted to use only public transport, will have to reach the center of Cluj Napoca by bus and, from here, continue to Alba Iulia by train. The journey takes about 3 hours.

Cetatea Alba Iulia din aer toamna

Photo ©, Kiki Vasilescu


Race Alba Iulia is the central railway station that serves the city, one of the oldest in the Region. In fact, the first historic line in Transylvania, Arad-Alba Sibiu, was inaugurated here.

If the city should be a stop on a trip to Transylvania, the train is a good solution. You can arrive by IR, IRN trains from Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara, Bucharest and other Romanian destinations. As for the other cities of the Region, the journey times are quite long. From the Capital, for example, the journey can last even longer than 10 hours!


Crossing this wonderful land by car is a real experience. A journey to be carried out far from frenetic rhythms.
Moreover, the roads in these parts are not particularly easy.
From Cluj Napoca, the distance is only 100 kilometers. However, it takes about two hours to arrive at your destination.
From the capital, located to the south-east, it takes just under 6 hours to cover the approximately 350 kilometers away.

More comfortable, however, arrive from the west. In this case, you cross the A1 highway. From Timisoara, the distance is 220km. Beyond the border, from Belgrade, the distance is 370km whereas, from Budapest, in Hungary, you have to travel about 500km.

To drive in Transylvania, and on the Romanian roads, utmost caution and attention are required.

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